Jual Paket Materi Trading (Forex, Options, Futures, Candlestick, dll)

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    Jual CD, DVD, Ebook Materi Trading (Forex, Options, Futures, Candlestick, dll)

    Thread ini khusus untuk pembelian per title. Untuk pembelian dalam berbagai macam paket sesuai kebutuhan Anda bisa dilihat di sini.

    Untuk pemesanan atau pertanyaan anda dapat mengirim email ke [email protected] atau sms ke 08980334980
    YM : ympusatebook

    Untuk info dari setiap materi dapat dilihat di http://materi-trading.blogspot.com/

    Pembayaran melalui BCA atau Bank Mandiri
    Pengiriman melalui Tiki, JNE, atau Kilat Khusus Pos Indonesia

    Pembayaran bisa dilakukan setelah barang anda terima jika menggunakan alamat kantor.
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    List per title dapat dilihat di post di bawah ini atau dapat didownload di :

    Paket semua update JULI 2014 bisa anda dapatkan seharga Rp. 200.000
    DVD/Course :
    1. Jerry Stewart : Forex Trading Majic - Rp. 20.000
    2. Dale Wheatley : Unmatched FOREX and Commodity Profits - Using MACD to Make Money (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    3. Gary Dayton : Trade the Trend (2 DVD) - Rp. 35.000
    4. Ryan Litchfield : Power Spreads (4 DVD) - Rp. 70.000
    5. Timothy Sykes : Learn How to Use Level 2 Quotes (4 DVD) - Rp. 70.000
    6. Toni Turner : Three Winning Set-Ups for Position, Swing & Intraday Traders (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. A Beginner's Guide to Short Term Trading : Maximize Your Profits in 3 Days to 3 Weeks , by Toni Turner
    2. Options Math for Traders : How to Pick The Best Option Strategies for Your Market Outlook , by Scott Nations
    3. The Little Book of Currency Trading : How to Make Big Profits in The World of Forex , by Kathy Lien
    4. The Secrets Key to Smart Investing : he Simple Rules to Diversify & Maximize Your Investment, by Russell R. Wasendorf
    5. Trading Basics : Evolution of a Trader , by Thomas N. Bulkowski
    Penawaran Khusus Paket Semua Materi Trading

    PAKET SEMUA TRADING RESOURCES 2014 (dalam CD/DVD, total 600an disc) : Rp. 6.500.000
    PAKET SEMUA TRADING RESOURCES 2014 (DVD Diconvert AVI) : Rp. 4.000.000
    PAKET SEMUA TRADING RESOURCES 2014 (dalam Harddisk 3TB/3000GB) : Rp. 6.250.000
    PAKET SEMUA TRADING RESOURCES 2014 (dalam Harddisk 1TB/1000GB, dan untuk DVD diconvert menjadi AVI) : Rp. 4.250.000

    Info isi materi bisa dilihat di :
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    List DVD Video :

    Alan Farley : Targeting Profitable Entry & Exit Points (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Alexander Elder : Directional System (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Alexander Elder : New Tactics - Trading for a Living (2 DVD) Rp. 35.000
    Alexander Elder : The Trading Room Video Course With Alexander Elder (10 VCD) Rp. 100.000
    Alexander Elder : Trading Psychology (1 VCD) Rp. 12.500
    Alexander Elder : Winning Psychology and Tactics - Traders' Camp (4 DVD) Rp. 70.000
    Ari Kiev : Becoming A Disciplined Trader - Techniques for Achieving Peak Trading Performance (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Bernie Schaeffer : The Top Ten Most Powerful Option Trading Secrets (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Bill Williams - Profitunity Courses (12 VCD) Rp. 125.000
    Brett Steenbarger - A Traders Guide to Self-Discipline (1 DVD)
    Charles Le Beau : A New Look at Exit Strategies (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Charles Le Beau : How to Design, Test, Evaluate & Implement Systems (2 DVD) Rp. 35.000
    Charles Le Beau : Precise Exits & Entries - The Guide to Average True Range & Average Directional Index (2 DVD) Rp. 35.000
    Chris Johnson : Market Trading Tools - Finding The Edge (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    David Bowden - Ultimate Gann Course (9 DVD) Rp. 150.000
    David S. Nassar : Precision Trading Techniques - Strategies for Combining Price, Volume, Time, and Velocity (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    David Stendahl : Winning With Value Charts - The key to consistent trading profits (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Ed Downs : Trading the Moves - Consistent Gains in All Markets (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Ed Ponsi : Forex Trading with Ed Ponsi : Trading Strategies for The Forex Market (2 DVD) Rp. 35.000
    FXCM : The FXCM Course - An Introduction To Forex Trading (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    FXCM : Forex Trading Strategies - Technical & Fundamental Trading Strategies For The Forex Market (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    George Angell : How to Day-Trade S&P 500 Futures (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    George Fontanills : Options Spreads Made Easy (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    George Kleinman : Top Ten Rules for Successful Trading - A Pro's Private Collection (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Gerald Appel : Master Class with Gerald Appel (4 DVD) Rp. 70.000
    Glenn Neely : NeoWave -Taking Elliott Wave into the 21st Century (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Guppy : Catching the Bounce (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Guppy : GMMA Trend Volatility Management (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Investools : Advanced Options (6 DVD) Rp. 100.000
    Investools : Advanced Technical Courses (6 DVD) Rp. 100.000
    Investools : Basic Options (4 DVD) Rp. 70.000
    Investools : Basic Stocks - 5 Step Investing Formula (4 DVD) Rp. 70.000
    Jack Schwager's Complete Guide to Mastering the Markets (12 DVD)
    Jack Schwager : Winning Methods of the Market Wizards (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Jake Bernstein : Spotting Price Swings & Seasonal Patterns - Techniques for Precisely Timing Major Market Moves (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    James Bittman : Investing with LEAPS - Choices in Long Term Options (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    James Hyerczyk : How to Use Gann Techniques to Implement a Trading System (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    John Murphy - Applying Technical Methods to Today's Markets (1 DVD) R. 17.500
    Joseph Frey : A Complete Course in Option Trading Fundamental (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Karim Rahemtulla : Two Options Strategy for Every Investors (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Kathy Lien - The Insider's Guide to Forex Trading (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Ken Trester : Conservative Option Writing (2 VCD) Rp. 25.000
    Ken Trester : Options Trading Camp (8 DVD) Rp. 125.000
    Ken Trester : The Winning Side of Options (2 VCD) Rp. 25.000
    Larry McMillan : 4 Powerful Rules To Succesful Options Trading (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Larry McMillan : Avoid Option Trading Traps (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Larry McMillan : Intensive Option Seminar DVD Series (4 DVD) Rp. 70.000
    Larry McMillan : Options Trading Indicators & Patterns for Increasing Profits (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Larry McMillan : The Volatility Primer - Insider Methods For Succesful Options Trading (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Larry Williams : kracking The Money Code (4 DVD) Rp. 70.000
    Lawrence Cavanagh : Option Screening - Finding Profitable Trades (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Mark Larson : 12 Technical Indicators That Really Work (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Michael Jardine : Simple Fibonacci Trading - Profitable Techniques Anyone Can Use (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Million Dollar Traders (3 DVD) Rp. 52.500
    Mitch Zacks : Discovering the Hot Stocks Early - Successful Stock Selection Strategies (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Oliver Velez : Options Trading Tactics (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Optionetics - Options Training (6 DVD) Rp. 100.000
    Optionetics : Platinum Advanced (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Pristine : Breadth Internal Indicators - Winning Swing and Position Trading with Greg Capra (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Pristine : Candlestick Analysis with Greg Capra (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Pristine : Core Trading Tactics with Oliver Velez - Battle-Tested Techniques For The Intermediate-Term Trader (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Pristine : Guerilla Trading Tactics with Oliver Velez - Battle-Tested Techniques For The Short-Term Trader (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Pristine : Intra-Day Trading Techniques with Greg Capra - Battle-Tested Techniques For The Active Trader (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Pristine : Intra-Day Trading with Market Internals with Greg Capra (2 DVD) Rp. 35.000
    Pristine : Micro Trading Tactics with Oliver Velez - Battle-Tested Techniques For The Active Trader (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Pristine : Momentum Trading with Oliver Velez (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Pristine : Sentiment Internal Indicators - Winning Swing and Position Trading with Greg Capra (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Pristine : Swing Trading Tactics with Oliver Velez - Battle-Tested Techniques For The Short-Term Trader (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Pristine : Techniques to Perfect Your Intra-day, GAP and Guerilla (2 DVD) Rp. 35.000
    ProOnline Trader DVD - Learn To Trade Like A Pro! (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Random Walk - Options Essentials (3 DVD) - Rp. 55.000
    Rick Lehman : Covered Call Writing Today - Innovative Strategies & Simple Techniques (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Rob Booker - Support & Resistance Trading (1 DVD & 1 CD) Rp. 30.000
    Sheldon Natenberg : Mastering Option Trading Volatility Strategies (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Stephen W. Bigalow : Succesfull Options Trading Strategies with Candlestick Analysis (3 DVD) Rp. 52.500
    Steve Nison : Candlestick Re-Ignited (8 DVD) Rp. 125.000
    Steve Nison : Profiting with Japanese Candlestick Chart (4 DVD) Rp. 70.000
    Steve Nison : Secrets to Becoming Samurai Trader(2 DVD) Rp. 35.000
    Steve Nison : Profiting in Forex (4 DVD) Rp. 70.000
    Steve Nison & Ken Calhoun : Intraday and Swing Trading Secrets - Candlesticks, Gaps & Breakout Patters Revealed (7 DVD) Rp. 120.000
    Steve Nison & Ken Calhoun : Stock Trading Success (14 DVD) Rp. 200.000
    Steven Poser : Elliott Wave - Advanced CMT Trading Course (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Sunny Harris : Trading 101 - Starting Your Trading Program (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Sunny Harris : Trading 102 - The Bussiness of Trading (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Timothy Sykes : PennyStocking (4 DVD) Rp. 70.000
    Timothy Sykes - PennyStocking Part Deux (4 DVD) - Rp. 70.000
    Timothy Sykes : TIMraw (4 DVD) Rp. 70.000
    Todd Gordon : FOREX Trading Using Fibonacci and Elliott Wave (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Tom DeMark : Trading Indicators for the 21th Century (6 DVD) Rp. 100.000
    Tradeguider - Building Trader Confidence and Minimizing Fear (2 DVD) Rp. 35.000
    Trendfund : Advanced Options (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Trendfund : Intro to Futures (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Trendfund : Intro To Level II - Trade Like The Pros (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Trendfund : Intro to Options (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Trendfund : Intro to Trading - Starting out on your own path to Riches! (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Trendfund : Money Management And Stop Losses - MAXIMIZE Your GAINS! (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Trendfund : Playing The Gaps (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Trendfund : Power Charting (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Trendfund : Power Trading (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Trendfund : Psychology Of Trading, Unleashing The Winner Within You! (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Trendfund : Scalping for Winners (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Trendfund : Shorting (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Trendfund : Trading your way to retirement!!! How to trade and manage your IRA (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Trendfund : Trends Are Your Friends (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Van Tharp : Disciplined Trading - How to Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom (1 DVD) Rp. 17.500
    Van Tharp : Position Sizing Worskshop (2 DVD) Rp. 35.000
    Wallstreet Warrior : Season 1 (2 DVD) Rp. 35.000
    Wallstreet Warrior : Season 2 (3 DVD) Rp. 52.500
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    Candlestick Forum : (per title Rp. 5000, semua Rp. 125.000)
    01. Bearish Engulfing Signal
    02. Bullish Engulfing
    03. Breakout Pattern
    04. Candlestick Scans Using TC2000
    05. Cradle Pattern & Belt Hold Pattern
    06. Dark Cloud Cover
    07. Dynamic Doji
    08. Entry & Exit Strategies
    09. Fibonacci Trading Techniques
    10. Fry Pan Bottom
    11. Gaps at the Bottom
    12. Gaps at the Top
    13. Hammer
    14. Hanging Man
    15. Harami Pattern
    16. High Profit Trade Scanning Techniques
    17. Inverted Hammer
    18. J-Hook
    19. Kicker Signals
    20. Major Candlestick Signals
    21. Major Moving Averages
    22. Morning Star & Evening Star
    23. Piercing Pattern
    24. Projecting Price Targets
    25. Scoop Pattern
    26. Shooting Star
    27. Stop Loss Strategies & Techniques
    28. Trend Analysis
    Candlestick Trading for Maximum Profits (Rp. 10.000)
    Winning on Wall Street - The Secrets of Candlestick (Rp. 10.000)
    Advanced Elliottician Certification (Rp. 15.000)
    Elliot Wave : (per title Rp. 10.000, semua Rp. 150.000)
    01. The Basics of The Wave Principle
    02. Tapping Into The Power of Impulse Waves
    03. How to Trade When the Market ZIGZAGS
    04. How To Trade Triangles & Thrust That Follows
    05. How To Trade the Bull/Bear Opportunities in Expanded Flats
    06. How To Trade Diagonal Triangles Part 1
    07. How To Trade Diagonal Triangles Part 2
    08. How to Trade Choppy Sideways Markets
    09. How To Spot Trading Opportunities 1
    10. How To Spot Trading Opportunities 2
    11. How to Catch and Ride Extended Waves
    12. Trading the Line - How to use Trendlines to Spot Reversals and Ride Trends
    13. How You Can Identify Turning Points Using Fibonacci 1 & 2
    14. How To Select and Trade Individual Stocks
    15. How to Trade the Highest Probability Opportunities: Price Gaps
    16. How To Use the Wave Principle to Boost Your Forex Trading
    17. How to Trade the Highest Probability Opportunities : Price Bars and Chart Patterns
    18. How to Trade the Highest Probability Opportunities : Moving Averages
    19. How to Use the Elliott Wave Principle to Improve Your Options Trading Strategies - Course 1 Vertical Spreads
    20. How to Use the Elliott Wave Principle to Improve Your Options Trading Strategies - Course 2 Range Bound Strategies
    21. How to Use the Elliott Wave Principle to Improve Your Options Trading Strategies - Course 3 Volatility
    Jody Samuels : Elliott Wave Analysis Course (Rp. 15.000)
    Vision Group - Executive Mentoring Elliot Wave (Rp. 10.000)
    Carolyn Boroden : Introduction to Fibonacci Time and Price Analysis (Rp. 10.000)
    FibMaster : (per title Rp. 10.000, semua Rp. 40.000)
    1. Introduction To Fibonacci Trading
    2. Advanced Fibonacci Trading
    3. Trading The Trend
    4. Money Management & Stop-Loss Placement
    5. Let Your Profits Run!
    Fibonacci, Elliot Wave, Zig Zag Education (2 CD) (Rp. 25.000)
    Fibonacci Secrets (Rp. 10.000)
    Profinacci (2 CD) (Rp. 25.000)
    Dynamic Traders : Dynamic Trading Multimedia E-Learning Workshop (6 CD) (Rp. 50.000)
    Gerald Appel - Construction & Application of the MACD Indicator (Audio + manual) - Rp. 10.000
    Guppy : (per title Rp. 10.000, semua Rp. 50.000)
    1. Precision Pattern Trading
    2. Precision Pattern Trading Workbook
    3. Better Trading With The Guppy Multiple Moving Average
    4. Better Trading With The Guppy Multiple Moving Average Workboo
    5. Modern Darvas Trading
    6. Darvas Trading Workbook
    7. Risk, Stop Loss and Position Size
    Joe DiNapoli (per title Rp. 10.000)
    Advanced Fibonacci Applications and the Price Axis in the Forex, Stock Index, and Interest Rate Futures (Audio + manual)
    Applying Fibonacci Analysis to Price Action (Audio + Manual)
    Precision Day Trading Strategies Using DiNapoli levels (Audio + Manual)
    Linda Raschke - Five Basic Trading Patterns and Their Application to the Markets (Audio + Manual) - Rp. 10.000
    Mike Coval : (per title Rp. 7.500, semua Rp. 50.000)
    Advanced Charting
    Basic Charting
    Calendar Spreads on ETF's
    Fundamental Analysis
    Index Options
    Short Selling
    Slam Plays
    Spread Trading
    Trading the Open
    Paritech : (per title Rp. 10.000)
    PariTech Module 1 Technical Analysis
    PariTech Module 2 Technical Analysis
    PariTech Module 3 Fundamental Analysis
    Professional Chart Reading Bootcamp (2 CD) (Rp. 25.000)
    Profiting with Chart Patterns by Ed Downs (Rp. 10.000)
    Trading Price Patterns (Rp. 10.000)
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    Bill Poulous
    Forex Income Engine (Rp. 10.000)
    Forex Income Engine 2.0 (Rp. 10.000)
    Forex Nitty Gritty (Rp. 10.000)
    Forex Courses : (per title Rp. 10.000)
    10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder
    Fast Track Forex Secrets Exposed Course
    Forex Avenger
    Forex Finder : The Ultimate Forex System
    Forex Loophole
    Forex Profit Accelerator
    Forex Trading for Maximum Profit
    Forex Trading Machine (with videos)
    Hedge Master Forex : Scaled Equation Forex Trade System
    MentorMe Forex Courses
    Traders Secrets Code
    Forex Mentor :
    Advanced Forex Tactics Webinar (Rp. 10.000)
    AIME (8 CD) (Rp. 75.000)
    Chris Lori - Pro Trader Advanced Forex Course (12 CD) (Rp. 100.000)
    Forex Mentor Course (8CD, 3 DVD) (Rp. 125.000)
    Forex Scalping Course (Rp. 10.000)
    High-Probability Reversal Patterns for the Forex Trader (Rp. 10.000)
    Inside the Banks (Rp. 10.000)
    Know Where You Live Risk Management Toolkit (Rp. 10.000)
    Peter Bain Best Of AM Review Volume 1 (6 CD) - Rp. 60.000
    Peter Bain Best Of AM Review Volume 2 (4 CD) - Rp. 40.000
    FXClub : (Rp. 50.000)
    1 - An Introduction to Forex Trading
    2 - Forex - Chart Analysis Part I
    3 - Forex - Chart Analysis Part II
    4 - Forex - The Essential Indicators
    5 - Forex - Charting the Euro
    6 - Understanding Japanese Candlesticks
    FXStreet Webinar: (Per title Rp. 10.000, semua Rp. 200.000)
    Advanced APF Methods To Determine The Price Momentum
    Advanced Forex Trading- Momentum Versus Reversals Within Indicators
    Advanced Methods for Finding Dominant Trends in FX Markets : Understanding Oil and Forex Markets
    An introduction to Price Behaviour (Part 1-4)
    Back to Basics : The RSI indicator; one of my favorites
    Black Swans - Taking advantage of the unexpected
    Bollinger Bands and RSI
    Building a Trading System in the Forex
    Capture reversal points with the use of indicators and oscillators
    Catching Redfish off the pool : Trend Lines and Technical Indicators
    Combining Candlesticks with Western Technical Analysis
    Combining Fundamental & Technical Analysis
    Commitment of Traders (COT) Indicator
    Common Break-Out Strategies
    Common Sense Fundamentals and Technicals for Real Traders
    Conquering Fear and Greed
    Conventional Chart Patterns and Forex
    Conversations with a Pro Trader - Part I & 2
    Covered Carry Trades
    Creating and Using a Powerful Trading Plan - Part 1 & 2
    Day Trading in the Forex and Related Markets - A Profitable Trading Strategy for the Futures and Forex Markets
    Day Trading in the Forex and Related Markets - How to Develop a Profitable Trading Strategy
    Day Trading Series - Chapter I- Day Trading Basics (Part 1)
    Day Trading Series - Chapter II Day Trading Basics (Part 2)
    Day Trading Series - Chapter III- Developing a Profitable Trading Strategy (Part 1)
    Day Trading Series - Chapter IV - Developing a Profitable Trading Strategy (Part 2)
    Day Trading Series - Chapter V- The 10 Power Principles of Successful Trading Strategies
    Day Trading Series - Chapter VI Tips and Tricks for Successful Day Trading
    Effectively Using Stop Losses
    Emerging Market Currencies
    Entering and Exiting Your Trades
    Equity Markets and the Forex Market
    Exotic Forex Options
    Facts, Fiction and Truth About Day Trading
    Fibonacci - from Novice to Advanced Techniques
    Finding Your Entry
    Forex in Five - Full time strategies for part time traders
    Forex Mysteries Revealed
    Forex Options- Boost your bottom line - Part 1 & 2
    Forex Swing Trading, Low Risk High Reward Trading In The Largest
    Fundamental analysis: FED meetings and their influence on trading
    Futures Vs Forex
    FX Instructor Live Trading Room
    High-Probability Forex Pattern Trading
    How to Get Started Trading Forex
    How to Get Started Trading Forex - Simple Trendline Analysis for Big Trades
    How To Identify And Trade A Wide Range
    How to manage risk using Price Behaviour analysis
    How to Successfully and gainfully trade Failure setups
    How New US Regulations on the Financial Markets will Affect Currency Trading
    Identifying the weekly fundamental trend of EUR/USD
    Index Investing for Forex Traders
    Institutional Trading Strategies
    Institutional Trading Strategies - Spotting Reversals
    Institutional Trading Strategies- The -Smart Stop- System
    Intermarket Relationships
    Introducing Forex Options
    Introduction to Candlestick Patterns
    Longer-term Support and Resistance Trading Setups and Rules
    Looking for day-trades
    Main technical theme in the currency market
    Managing a portfolio
    Mapping The News
    Market Neutral Forex Options Strategies
    Managing a portfolio
    Managing Risk to Target Consistent Profitability in the Forex Market
    Momentum and SMA 20- Alexander Elder Technique explained
    Multiple Low Risk Forex Entries With Support and Resistance
    Multiple Timeframe Trading
    Pitchforks with Fibonacci Retracements
    Position sizing and money management
    Price Patterns
    Raghee Horner's Four Step Trading- Forex
    Rule Based Short Term Trading In Forex
    Selling options for fun and profit
    Stocks for currency traders
    Strategic & Tactical FOREX Trading 1 & 2
    Supply and Demand Trading with Mechanical Indicators and Oscillators in the Forex Markets
    Technical Analysis Bootcamp - The indicators you need to know and how to interpret them
    Technical Trading Strategist in the short and longer term
    Tell me the Fibonacci ratios don't work - Harmonic Patterns
    The Weather Report Ichimoku Cloud Trading
    Trade What Is Real, Not What You Feel- Quantifying Supply (resistance) and Demand (support) In The Forex Markets
    Trading and Identifying Volatility in the Forex
    Trading Break Out's And Other Market Views
    Trading Forex on a Daily Basis Using Daily Charts
    Trading Forex Volatility
    Trading Gaps in the Forex
    Trading Intermarket Relationships
    Trading Plan- Rules and tools - Part 1 & 2
    Trading Plans - Rules for a Short Term Trader
    Trading Range Bound and Trending Market Conditions
    Trading set ups when breakouts aren't an option - Fibonacci trades
    Trading Straddles and Strangles in the Forex
    Trading Strategy Essentials
    Trading with Bollinger Bands and the ATR
    Trend Trading - Part 1- Elements of Trend Trading in FX and Futures Markets
    Trend Trading - Part 2 Determine Best Studies To Use In Establishing Trend Following Trading System
    Trending or Channeling : Combining Trading Systems
    Understand & Use Fibonacci Ratio Effectively
    Understanding The Creation Of Candles In Forex Trading
    Understanding The Exact Process Behind The Movement In Price
    Understanding the simple rules of Money Management Part I : The Risk-to-Reward ratio
    Understanding the simple rules of Money Management “ Part II: Position sizing
    Unlocking the Forex broker selection confusion
    Using CCI and Stochastics For Long and Short Term Forex Trading
    Using FX Options to Control Risk and Make Profits
    Using Fibonacci levels to project price targets and timing
    Using Fibonacci Ratios to Manage Your Trades Efficiently
    Using fibonacci retracements to identify support and resistance
    Watch Live Coverage of the US GDP
    What is VWAP: How to Spot Institutions
    Why Volatility: Probability Matter Within Forex Trading
    New York Trader's Workshop 2008 by Rob Booker, Boris Schlossberg & Kathy Lien (Rp. 50.000)
    Raghee Horner - Intro to Forex (5 CD) - Rp. 50.000
    Raghee Horner - Forex Traders Package (9 CD) Rp. 100.000
    High Probability Options Trading : Calendar Spreads (Rp. 15.000)
    Larry Mc Millan : (per title Rp. 7.500, semua Rp 75.000)
    01. Basic Spreads & Straddles
    02. Covered Call Writing
    03. Naked Option Writing
    04. Speculative Option Buying
    05. Advanced Spreading Techniques
    06. Expiration & Program Trading
    07. LEAPS Strategies
    08. Using Put Call Ratios
    09. Intermarket Spreads & Pairs Trading
    10. Insurance Using Options
    11. Option Modeling and the Greeks
    12. Structured Products
    13. Why Trade Volatility? Part 1
    14. Why Trade Volatility? Part 2
    Options Trading the Pristine Way (Rp. 15.000)
    Options University
    Options University - 3rd Annual Forex and Options Superconference - Rp. 20.000
    The Options Mastery Courses (28 modules) - Rp. 100.000
    Options University - Introduction to Options - Rp. 12.500
    Risk Doctor : (per title Rp. 10.000, semua Rp 100.000)
    Position Dissection
    Recorded Trading Event from July 2007 (7 part)
    Strategy 1 - The Versatile Vertical
    Strategy 2 - Straddles & Strangles (Dynamic Gamma Scalping)
    Strategy 3 - Practical Uses of the Greeks
    Strategy 4 - Butterflies, Condors & Other Wing Spreads
    Strategy 5 - Calendar Configurations
    Strategy 6 - Advanced Hybrid Hedge Strategies
    Strategy 7 - Nuances of the Implied Volatility Skew
    The Warrior Trader's : (per title Rp. 10.000)
    1. Secrets for Achieving Trading Perfection
    2. A.C.T.I.O.N. Plan For Active Traders
    3. Zen Meditation
    Trading Mind (Rp. 10.000)
    Trading on Target : (per title Rp. 10.000)
    Trading on Target : A Business Plan for Traders
    Trading on Target : Discipline, Discipline, Discipline
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    List Paket


    Alan Rich : Trading the Nasdaq (4 CD) (Rp. 30.000)
    Alexander Elder : Trading For A Living (3 CD Audio) (Rp. 20.000)
    Bill McCready - Futures Trading Secrets Course 2008 (2 CD) - Rp. 20.000
    ClickEvents : Beat the Index (Rp. 10.000)
    ClickEvents : UK Level II (Rp. 10.000)
    ETF Trend Trading Course (6 CD) (Rp. 50.000)
    INO TV : (per title Rp. 10.000, semua Rp. 250.000)
    A Dose of Reality
    A Technicians View on the Hot Futures Markets
    Advanced Trading Applilcations of Candlestick Charting 1 -2
    Applying Breakthrough Trading Tools
    Avoiding Common Trading Pitfalls
    Building Your Own System
    Catching The Big Moves
    Chaos The New Map For Traders
    Classic Indicators Back To The Future
    Commitment of Traders Analysis
    Creating the Optimal Trade for Explosive Profits
    Cycles, Gann & Fibonacci
    Five New Tools For Winners
    Formula To A Fortune
    Getting New Insights From Old Indicators
    How Price Patterns Forecast Market Moves
    How to Become A Professional Trader
    How To Evaluate Systems
    How To Make A Million Like Larry
    How To Use Option Volatility To Turn Trading Odds
    How to Use Spreads to Construct a Trading Roadmap
    How You Can Be Right While the Crowd Loses
    Make A Million In The Next 5 Years
    My Favorite Trading Tools
    Options Boot Camp Vol 1 - 4
    Practical Tools To Enhance Your Trading
    Putting Probabilities On Your Side
    Reducing The Risk of Options Trading
    Seven Signposts to Market Analysis Success
    Spread Trading Tactics
    Synergetic Technical Analysis - Volume 1 - 3
    The Next Step In Market Analysis
    The Mechanics of Futures Trading
    The Options Advantage Vol 1 - 2
    The Predictive Power of Futures Options
    Trade Like A Pro Vol 1 - Vol 4
    Trading as a Business
    Trading Options Effectively Vol 1 - 4
    Unlocking the Mystery of Trend Analysis
    What Market Cycles Forecast
    When Technicals Become Fundamentals
    Instant Profit (1 CD 1 DVD) (Rp.25.000)
    Larry Williams
    Picture Perfect Trading Rp. 15.000
    Sure Thing Commodity Trading - Rp. 15.000
    Momentum Trend Trader (Rp. 10.000)
    MoneyShow : (Per title Rp. 7.500, semua Rp. 200.000)
    01. Advanced Candle Charting for Stock, Options, and Futures Trading
    02. Booking 50% Profits on 5% Swings
    03. Conquer Your Fear With Fighter Pilot Trading Techniques
    04. Different Markets, Different Tactics
    05. Earning a Living with Three Powerful Trading Tactics with Oliver Velez
    06. High Probability Pivot Point System for Swing Traders
    07. Managing Option Risk: A Hands-on Exercise in Applying and Monitoring Your Strategies
    08. The Best Traders You've Never Heard Of
    09. The Hidden Power of Price Scales
    10. The Secret to System Development
    11. Todays Highest Probability Set-ups for Stocks Futures and Options
    12. Trade for Life with Oliver Velez
    13. Trading Challenge
    14. Understanding and Using Synthetic Positions
    15. When Trading Styles Collide: Technicians and Fundamentalists Go Head-to-Head
    45 Minutes to Successful Options Trading
    Advanced Fibonacci Elliott Wave
    Advanced Income Producing Tips: Learn How to Read Candle Charts Properly and The Psychology Behind Them
    Advanced Trading Strategies for Experienced Forex Traders
    Beginners Start Here Forex Trading Fundamentals
    Breaking Barriers Charting Fundamentals with Technicals
    Breakout Trading with Oliver Velez-Learning the Market's #1 Power Play
    Construct and Trade a High Probability Trading System
    Creating Discipline By Writing Your Own Personal Trading Plan
    Developing Your Own FX Trading Plan
    Forex Patterns and Probabilities
    How to Follow the Smart Money and Trade Like an Insider!
    How to Read the Market, Plan Your Trades, and Pull the Trigger
    Narrowing the Field to Find the Best Trading Opportunities
    Learn to Trade Futures from the Pros
    Options Still Have Predictive Power
    Recognizing Winning Patterns in the Stock Market
    Seven Steps To A Successful Trade: How You Can Outperform The Market With Less Risk
    The 90-Minute Trader Tactics for the Intraday Trader
    The Only Indicator You Will Ever Need to Use to Produce Income Consistently
    The Predictive Power of Swing Trade Patterns
    The Surprise Trade: Trading the Trend Early
    The Right Way to Use Economic Data and Announcements to Find Trading Opportunities in Foreign Currency
    Trader Forum : Preparing for the Next Trading Day
    Using Options to Predict the Broad Market, Stocks, Sectors, or Futures
    MoneyShow University : (Per title Rp. 10.000)
    Introduction to the Elliott Wave Theory
    Elliott Wave and Fibonacci Strategies of a Professional FX Trader
    No B.S. Trading (Rp. 10.000)
    Online Trading Academy : (Per title Rp. 10.000,semua Rp. 150.000)
    6 Psychological Biases in Your Trading -“ Who are you Really
    7 Pillars Of Trading
    8 Key Times in The Trading Day
    10 Laws Of Risk Management
    Advantages of Direct Access Trading with Nasdaq Level II
    Broad Market Analysis
    Controlling the Trade - Managing Your Money
    Dr. Peter Navarro Savvy Macrowave Investor
    E-mini - 1. Index Futures Trading
    E-mini - 2. Advanced Strategies
    Forex - 1. The Fantastic World of Foreign Exchange Trading
    Forex - 2. Spot Market Advanced Strategies
    Fundamentals of Direct Access Trading
    How I Survived the Great Bull Market of the 20th Century
    Learn to Think Differently
    Mastering SelectNet Order Routing
    Mind Method and Market
    NASDAQ's TotalView
    Options - 1. Options for Options Trading
    Options - 2. Excercise Your Options
    Options - 3. Advanced Concepts - Mastering Volatility
    Power Trading in Globalization 3.0
    Short Selling
    Stress Management
    SuperSOES Order Routing
    Swing Trading Strategies
    Technical Analysis 1
    Technical Analysis 2
    Technical Analysis 3
    Trading As A Business
    Price Headly : (per title Rp. 10.000)
    Aggressive Option Strategies
    QQQ Strategies
    Winning S&P Strategies
    Winning Stock Strategies
    Pring : (per title Rp. 10.000)
    Breaking The Black Box
    Candlestick Explained
    Day & Swing Trading
    How to Select Stock Using Technical Analysis
    Introduction to Technical Analysis
    Momentum Explained Basic
    Momentum Explained Vol 2
    Pristine : Trading The Pristine Method 1 (Rp. 10.000)
    Pristine - Insights into Direct Access & Level II Trading) - Rp. 12.500
    RS of Houston Breakthrough Day TradingWorkshop and Home Study Course (Rp. 25.000)
    Scott Andrews - Using Probabilities to Trade The Opening Gap - Rp. 12.500
    Speculating with Futures and Foreign Currencies FOREX (Rp. 10.000)
    Stock Trading Course by Tony Oz (4 CD) (Rp. 30.000)
    Super Divergence Blueprint (Rp. 15.000)
    The 5 Minute Investor Trading Course : Risk Control and Profit Management (Rp. 10.000)
    The Power Trade System (Rp. 10.000)
    Toni Hansen : 5 Technical Signals You Should Trade Without (4 CD) (Rp. 30.000)
    Trader Galleria Courses : (per title Rp. 10.000, semua Rp. 175.000)
    01. Kevin Haggerty's Sequence Trading Course
    02. How To Successfully Trade The Haggerty 1,2,3 Strategy
    03. How To Trade Major First-Hour Reversals For Rapid Gains
    04. How To Successfully Trade The Haggerty Slim Jim Strategy for Explosive Gains
    05. Ultimate Bow Ties Strategy
    06. Trading High-Momentum Stocks With Landry Persistent Pullbacks
    07. The Secrets to Successful Forex Trading
    08. Trading The Kaltbaum Seven-Step Methodology
    09. The Most Effective Professional Breakout And Breakdown Strategies For Daytraders
    10. The Tyler Method For Successful Triangle Trading
    11. Professional Strategies for Trading the DAX Market
    12. Burgess Triple-Thrust Momentum Method
    13. How I Trade Runaway Gaps To Capture Explosive Intraday Moves
    14. How I Trade Growth Stocks In Bull And Bear Markets
    15. Trading The Curran 3-Line Break Method: A Professional Strategy For Daytrading The E-minis
    16. How To Find Stocks That Make Runaway Moves
    17. How I Make A Living Daytrading Stocks
    18. My 5-Minute Method For Trading The Mini-Dow For A Living
    19. How To Trade Senters Squeeze Play Strategy
    20. Trading The Hobbs Triple Crown Strategy
    21. Real-World Options For Novice Options Traders & My 5 Favorite Options Strategies With Tony Saliba
    22. Trading The Connors Windows Strategy
    Van Tharp
    Developing a Winning Trading System That Fits You (12 CD Audio) (Rp. 100.000)
    Business Planning for Investors (8 CD AUDIO) (75.000)
    Trader Pyschology (1 CD Audio) (Rp. 10.000)
    Winning on Wall Street :7 Keys to the Winning on Wall Street System (Rp. 10.000)
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    Ebook di sini adalah merupakan ebook dari publisher dan bukan hasil scan.
    Untuk ebook dari website atau hasil scan bisa ditanyakan lewat email.

    10 : The Essential Rules for Beating The Market
    10 Essentials of Forex Trading : The Rules for Turning Patterns into Profit
    100 Minds That Made the Market
    20/20 Money : See The Markets Clearly and Invest Better Than The Pros
    24 Essential Lessons for Investment Success
    30 Days to Market Mastery : A Step-by-Step Guide to Profitable Trading
    7 Commandments of Stock Investing
    7 Winning Strategies for Trading Forex : Real & Actionable Techniques for Profiting from the Currency Markets
    A Beginner's Guide to Charting Financial Markets : A Practical Introduction to Technical Analysis for Investors
    A Bull for All Seasons: Main Street Strategies for Finding the Money in Any Market
    A Complete Guide to Technical Trading Tactics : How to Profit Using Pivot Points, Candlesticks & Other Indicators
    A Currency Option Primer
    A Demon of Our Own Design : Markets, Hedge Funds, and The Perils of Financial Inovation
    A Foreign Exchange Primer
    A Short Course in Technical Analysis
    A Trader's Money Management System: How to Ensure Profit and Avoid the Risk of Ruin
    Absolute Returns : The Risk and Opportunities of Hedge Fund Investing
    Active Alpha - A Portfolio Approach to Selecting and Managing Alternative Investments
    Active Value Investing Making Money in Range-Bound Markets
    Advanced Swing Trading: Strategies to Predict, Identify, and Trade Future Market Swings
    Adventures of a Currency Trader: A Fable about Trading, Courage, and Doing the Right Thing
    Ahead of the Market : The Zack Method for Spotting Early - In Any Market
    All About Bond And Bond Mutual Funds
    All About Dividend Investing
    All About Futures
    All About Hedge Funds
    All About Index Funds
    All About Market Timing
    All About Options
    All about Stocks
    Applied Equity Analysis : Stock Valuation Techniques for Wall Street Professionals
    Be Smart, Act Fast, Get Rich : Your Game Plan for Getting It Right in The Stock Market
    Bear Market Investing Strategies
    Bear-proof Investing
    Beat the Odds in Forex Trading: How to Identify and Profit from High Percentage Market Patterns
    Beating the Financial Futures Market: Combining Small Biases into Powerful Money Making Strategies
    Beating the Market, 3 Months at a Time - A Proven Investing Plan Everyone Can Use
    Benjamin Graham on Investing : Enduring Lessons from The Father of Value Investing
    Big Money Little Effort
    Binary Options - Fixed Odds Financial Bets
    Blind Faith : Our Misplaced Trust in the Stock Market and Smarter, Safer Ways to Invest
    Bollinger on Bollinger Band
    Booms Bubbles and Bust in Stock Market
    Building Winning Tradinng System with Tradestation
    Bull - A History of The Boom & Bust 1998-2004
    Bull's Eye Investing - Targeting Real Returns in a Smoke and Mirrors Market
    Bullish Thinking - The Advisor's Guide to Surviving and Thriving on Wall Sreet
    Buy the Rumor Sell the Fact
    Candlestick and Pivot Point Trading Triggers
    Candlestick Charts - An Introduction to Using Candlestick Charts
    Candlestick Charting for Dummies
    Candlesticks, Fibonacci, and Chart Pattern Trading Tools: A Synergistic Strategy to Enhance Profits and Reduce Risk
    Chart Your Way to Profits - The Online Trader's Guide to Technical Analysis
    Charting Made Easy
    Charting The Major Forex Pairs: Focus on Major Currencies (Wiley Trading)
    CNBC 24 7 Trading
    Coach Yourself To Success
    Come Into My Trading Room - Study Guide
    Come Into My Trading Room
    Comfort Zone Investing
    Commitments of Traders: Strategies for Tracking the Market and Trading Profitably
    Commodities Demystified
    Commodities for Dummies
    Commodity Investing : Maximizing Returns Through Fundamental Analysis
    Commodity Strategies: High-Profit Techniques for Investors and Traders
    Commodity Trading Advisors: Risk, Performance Analysis, and Selection
    Complete Guide to Online Stock Market Investing
    Conquering Stock Market Hype
    Contrarian Ripple Trading: A Low-Risk Strategy to Profiting from Short-Term Stock Trades
    Covered Calls and LEAPS--A Wealth Option
    Crash Profits-Make Money When Stocks Sink & Soar
    Create Your Own Hedge Fund : Increase Profits and Reduce Risks with ETFs and Options
    Currency Strategy
    Currency Trading: How to Access and Trade the World's Biggest Market
    Currency Trading and Intermarket Analysis: How to Profit from the Shifting Currents in Global Markets
    Cybernetic Analysis for Stocks and Futures: Cutting-Edge DSP Technology to Improve Your Trading
    Day One Trader - A Liffe Story
    Day Trading Grain Futures : A Practical Guide to Trading for A Living
    Day Trading the Currency Market: Technical and Fundamental Strategies To Profit from Market Swings
    Dean LeBaron's Treasury of Investment Wisdom : 30 Great Investing Minds
    Dear Mr Buffett : What an Investor Learn 1,269 Miles from Wall Street
    Defying The Market
    Diary of an Internet Trader : Practical Insights in Invesment Wisdom
    Direct Access Execution
    Dow 40000 Strategies
    Dow Theory for the 21st Century : Technical Indicators for Improving Your Investment Results
    Dynamic Trading Indicators: Winning with Value Charts and Price Action Profile
    Economist - Guide to Investment Strategy
    Electronic Day Traders Secret
    Electronic Trading Master: Secrets from the Pros
    Encyclopedia of Candlestick Charts
    Encyclopedia of Chart Pattern
    Enhanced Indexing Strategies : Utilizing Futures and Options to Achieve Higher Performance
    Enhancing Trader Performance: Proven Strategies From the Cutting Edge of Trading Psychology
    Entrepreneurial Investor - The Art Science and Business of Value Investing
    Entries & Exits : Visits to Sixteen Trading Rooms
    Equity Markets in Action: The Fundamentals of Liquidity, Market Structure & Trading
    Essential Stock Picking Strategies
    Essential Technical Analysis
    Essentials of Foreign Exchange Trading
    ETFs for the Long Run: What They Are, How They Work, and Simple Strategies for Successful Long-Term Investing
    ETF Strategies and Tactics : Hedge Your Portfolio In A Changing Market
    Evaluating Hedge Fund and CTA Performance
    Evaluating Hedge Fund Performance
    Every Man a Speculator
    Exchange Traded Derivatives
    Exchange Traded Funds as an Investment Option
    Exchange-Traded Funds For Dummies
    Exchange Traded Funds Structure, Regulation and Application of a New Fund Class
    Exchange Traded Funds
    Extreme Value Hedging
    Exotic Options Trading
    Fast Stock Fast Money
    Fibonacci and Gann Application In Financial Market: Practical Applications of Natural and Synthetic Ratios in Technical Analysis
    Fibonacci Trading - How to Master the Time and Price Advantage
    Fifty Years in Wall Street
    Financial Freedom Through Electronic Day Trading
    Financial Risk Taking
    Fire Your Stock Analyst: Powerful Technical Indicators Using Price and Volume
    Follow the Fed to Investment Success: The Effortless Strategy for Beating Wall Street
    Forbes Greatest Investing Stories
    Forecasting Financial Market
    Forecasting Financial Markets The Psychology of Successful Investing
    Foreign Exchange: A Practical Guide to The FX Markets
    Forex Conquered: High Probability Systems and Strategies for Active Traders
    Forex Essentials in 15 Trades - The Global-View.com Guide to Successful Currency Trading
    Forex Made Easy: 6 Ways to Trade the Dollar
    Forex Patterns & Probabilities : Trading Strategies for Trending & Range-Bound Markets
    Forex Revolution: An Insider's Guide to the Real World of Foreign Exchange Trading
    Forex Shockwave Analysis
    Forex Wave Theory - A Technical Analysis for Spot and Futures Curency Traders
    Free Cash Flow - Seeing Through the Accounting Fog Machine to Find Great Stocks
    Fundamentals Of The Bond Market
    Fundamentals Of The Futures Market
    Fundamentals of the Stock Market
    Funds of Hedge Funds Performance, Assessment, Diversification, and Statistical Properties
    FX Options and Structured Products
    Get Rich with Option - Four Winning Strategies Straight from The Exchange Floor
    Getting An Investing Game_Plan
    Getting Started in Candlestick Charting
    Getting Started in CurrencyTrading
    Getting Started in Emerging Market
    Getting Started in Forex Trading Strategies
    Getting Started in Hedge Funds
    Getting Started in Trading
    Getting Started in Value Investing
    Gold Trading Boot Camp: How to Master the Basics and Become a Successful Commodities Investor
    Growing Rich with Growth Stocks
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    Hedge Fund Alpha : A Framework for Generating & Understanding Investment Performance
    Hedge Fund Course
    Hedge Fund Leadership: How To Inspire Peak Performance from Traders and Money Managers
    Hedge Fund Masters: How Top Hedge Fund Traders Set Goals, Overcome Barriers, and Achieve Peak Performance
    Hedge Fund of Funds Investing
    Hedge Fund Risk Fundamentals - Solving the Risk Management and Transparency Challenge
    Hedge Funds - Quantitative Insights
    Hedge Hunters : Hedge Fund Masters on The Rewards, The Risk, & The Reckoning
    Hedges on Hedge Funds
    High Performance Options Trading
    High Probability ETF Trading : 7 Professional Strategies to Improve Your ETF Trading
    High Probability Trading
    High ProbabilityTrading Setups
    High-powered Investing All-in-one for Dummies
    How a Second Grader Beats Wall Street : Golden Rules Any Investor Can Learn
    How Harvard and Yale Beat the Market : What Individual Investors Can Learn From the Investment Strategies of the Most Successful University Endowments
    How I Became a Quant : Insight from 25 Wall Street's Elite
    How I Trade For A Living
    How I Trade Options
    How Legendary Traders Made Millions
    How to Be A Sector Investor
    How to Be A Small Cap Investor
    How to Be A Value Investor
    How To Create And Manage A Hedge Fund
    How to Create and Manage a Mutual Fund or Exchange-Traded Fund
    How to Get Started in Electronic Day Trading
    How to Make Money in Stocks
    How To Think Like Benjamin Graham and Invest Like Warren Buffett
    How To Trade The New Single Stock Futures
    How Wall Street Works
    Index Funds
    Inside the House of Money - Top Hedge Fund Traders On Profiting in the Global Markets
    Inside the Investor's Brain: The Power of Mind Over Money
    Intermarket Analysis: Profiting from Global Market Relationships
    Intermarket Trading Strategies
    Internet Trading Course - The Complete Course in Online Investment
    Investing for Income
    Investing from the Top Down : A Micro Approach to Capital Markets
    Investing in a Post Enron World
    Investing with ETF Made Easy
    Investing With Giants
    Investing Smart
    Investment Gurus
    Investment Madness
    Investment Strategies of Hedge Funds
    Investment Titans
    Investor's Guide to Charting : Analysis for the Intelligent Investor
    J. Christoph Amberger's Hot Trading Secrets: How to Get In and Out of the Market with Huge Gains in Any Climate
    Jesse Livermore Worlds Greatest Stock Trader
    John Bogle on Investing
    Just One Thing Twelve of The Best Investor
    Left Brain Trading - The right mindset & technique for success in the forex market
    Leg The Spread
    Long/Short Market Dynamics: Trading Strategies for Today's Markets
    Mapping The Markets
    Margin Trading from A to Z : A Complete Guide to Borrowing, Investing and Regulation
    Market Panic - Wild Gyrations, Risk and Opportunity in Stock Markets
    Markets in Profile: Profiting from the Auction Process
    Master the Markets
    Master Traders : Strategies for Superior Returns from Todays Top Traders
    Mastering Direct Access Fun
    Mastering the Currency Market Forex Strategies for High and Low Volatility Markets
    Mastering Trading Stress: Strategies for Maximizing Performance
    Mathematics of The Securities Industry
    McMillan on Options
    Mechanical Trading Systems : Pairing Trader Psychology with Technical Analysis
    Millionaire Traders How - Everyday People Are Beating Wall Street at Its Own Game
    Mutual Fund Industry Handbook
    Naked Guide to Bonds
    Navigate the Noise
    New Market Mavericks
    New Markets, New Strategies
    New Thinking in Technical Analysis
    On Money and Markets
    One Shot One Kill Trading
    Opportunity Investing - How to Profit When Stocks Advance Stocks Decline
    Optimal Portfolio Modeling
    Option Strategies: Profit-Making Techniques for Stock, Stock Index, and Commodity Options
    Option Theory and Trading : A Step-by-Step Guide to Control Risk & Generate Profits
    Options Essential Concepts and Trading Strategies
    Options and Options Trading
    Options for The Begginer & Beyond
    Options Made Easy
    Options Trading for the Conservative Investor - Increasing Profits without Increasing Your Risk
    Ordinary People, Extraordinary Profits: How to Make a Living as an Independent Stock, Options, and Futures Trader
    Paths to Wealth Through Common Stocks
    Pattern Recognition and Trading Decisions
    Pattern, Price and Time
    Pick Stocks Like Warren Buffet
    Point & Figure Charting: The Essential Application for Forecasting and Tracking Market Prices
    Power Investing With Basket Securities
    Practical Speculation
    Precious Metals Trading: : How To Forecast and Profit from Major Market Moves
    Predict Market Swings With Technical Analysis
    Pring on Price Patterns
    Profit with Options - Essential Methods for Investing Success
    Profitability and Systematic Trading: A Quantitative Approach to Profitability, Risk, and Money Management
    Profitable Candlestick Trading: Pinpointing Market Opportunities to Maximize Profits
    Profiting in Bull or Bear Markets
    Profiting With Forex: The Most Effective Tools and Techniques for Trading Currencies
    Psychology of Money
    Put Option Strategies for Smarter Trading : How to Protect & Build Capital in Turbulent Markets
    Quantitative Trading: How to Build Your Own Algorithmic Trading Business
    Quantitative Trading Strategies
    Reading Between the Lies
    Rocking Wall Street
    Rules of The Trade Indispe
    Running Money - Hedge Fund Honchos, Monster Markets, and My Hunt for the Big Score
    Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom
    Sammy Chua's Day Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom
    Seasonal Stock Market Trends : The Definitive Guide to Calendar-Based Stock Market Trading
    Secrets of the Soes Bandit
    Secrets of the Trading Pros : Techniques & Tips that Pros Use to Beat the Markets
    Security Analysis
    Selective Forex Trading - How to Achieve Over 100 Trades in a Row Without a Loss
    Sell and Sell Short
    Sentiment in the Forex market : Indicators and Strategies To Profit from Crowd Behavior and Market Extremes
    Seven Indicators That Move Markets
    Single Stock Futures
    Small Companies, Big Profits : How to Make Money Investing in Small Companies
    Small Stocks for Big Profits: Generate Spectacular Returns by Investing in Up-and-Coming Companies
    Someone Will Make Money on Your Funds - Why Not You
    Soros Unauthorized Biography
    Starting Out In Futures Trading
    Steidlmayer on Markets Trading with Market Profile
    Stock Detective Investor
    Stock Market Analysis Using The SAS System
    Stock Market Crash of 1929
    Stock Market Rules
    Stock Market Strategies That Work
    Stock Trader Almanac 2008
    Stocking Up on Sin
    Stocks for the Long Run
    Stop and Make Money - How to Profit in the Stock Market Using Volume and Stop Orders
    Strategies for The Electronic Futures Trader
    Streetsmart Guide To Timing The Stock Market
    Streetsmarts Guide To Valuing a Stock
    Study Guide for Entries & Exits
    Study Guide for Sell and Sell Short
    Successful Value Investing in Asia: 10 Timeless Principles
    Super Trader : Make Consistent Profits in Good and Bad Markets
    SuperCash : The New Hedge Fund Capitalism
    Swing Trading for Dummies
    System Trading for Spread Betting
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    Taming the Lion : 100 Secret Strategies for Investing
    Tech Stock Valuation
    Technical Analysis
    Technical Analysis : Plain & Simple
    Technical Analysis for Direct Access Trading
    Technical Analysis of the Currency Market: Classic Techniques for Profiting from Market Swings and Trader Sentiment
    Technical Charting for Profit
    Technical Trading Online
    Techniques of Tape Reading
    The 21 Irrefutable Truths of Trading
    The 25% Cash Machine Double Digit Income Investing
    The 7 Deadly Sins of Investing
    The A to Z of Technical Indicator
    The After-Hours Trader
    The Art of Electronic Futures Trading
    The Art of Trade : : What I Learned (and Lost) Trading the Chicago Futures Markets
    The ART of Trading Combining the Science of Technical Analysis with the Art of Reality-Based Trading
    The Battle for Wall Street : Behind the Lines in the Struggle that Pushed an Industry into Turmoil
    The Begginer's Guide to Financial Betting
    The Bible of Options Strategies - The Definitive Guide for Practical Trading Strategies
    The Big Tech Score
    The Bond King
    The Bull Hunter
    The Bullish Thinking Guide for Managers How to Save Your Advisors and Grow Your Bottom Line
    The Candlestick Course
    The Commitments of Traders Bible
    The Compleat Day Trader II
    The Complete Guide to Day Trading - A Practical Manual from A Professional Day Trading Coach
    The Complete Guide to Electronic Futures Trading Online
    The Complete Guide to Futures Trading: What You Need to Know about the Risks and Rewards
    The Complete Guide to Online Stock Market Investing
    The Complete Guide to Option Selling
    The Complete Guide to Single Stock Futures
    The Complete TurtleTrader - The Legend, the Lessons, the Results
    The Daily Trading Coach : 101 Lessons for Becoming Your Own Trading Psychologist
    The Day Traders Course Workbook
    The Day Traders Course
    The Day Traders Guide to Technical Analysis
    The Dick Davis Dividend
    The Disciplined Investor : Essential Strategies to Success
    The Essential Buffet
    The Essentials of Trading : From the Basics to Building a Winning Strategy
    The Evaluation and Optimization of Trading Strategies
    The First Time Investors Workbook
    The ForeclosureS.com Guide to Advanced Investing Techniques : You Won't Learn Anywhere Else
    The Forex Chartist Companion: A Visual Approach to Technical Analysis
    The Forex Options Course : A Self-Study Guide to Trading Currency Options
    The Forex Trading Course: A Self-Study Guide To Becoming a Successful Currency Trader
    The Fundamentals of Hedge Fund Management : How to Successfully Launch and Operate a Hedge Fund
    The Gorilla Game
    The Greenspan Effect
    The Guru Investor - How to Beat the Market Using History's Best Investment Strategies
    The Handbook of Alternative Investments
    The Handbook of Pairs Trading
    The Handbook of Portfolio Mathematics: Formulas for Optimal Allocation & Leverage
    The Harriman Book of Investing Rules : Collected Wisdom from The World's Top 150 Investors
    The Hedge Fund Compliance and Risk Management Guide
    The Illustrated Guide to Technical Analysis Signals & Phrase
    The Index Trading Course Workbook
    The Index Trading Course
    The Intelligent Investor
    The Introduction to the Magee System of Technical Analysis
    The Investor's Dilemma - How Mutual Funds are Betraying Your Trust and What To Do About It
    The Investor's Guide to Hedge Funds
    The Ivy Portfolio : How to Invest Like the Top Endowments and Avoid Bear Markets
    The Long and Short Of Hedge Funds : A Complete Guide to Hedge Fund Evaluation and Investing
    The Man Who Beats The S&P
    The Market Guys Five Points for Trading Success - Identify Pinpoint Strike Protect and Act
    The Market is Always Right
    The Market Makers Edge
    The Market Masters
    The Markets Never Sleep: Global Insights for More Consistent Trading
    The Master Swing Trader
    The Match King : Ivar Kreuger , The Financial Genius Behind a Century of Wall Street Scandals
    The Micro Cap Investor : Strategies for Making Big Returns in Small Companies
    The Naked Trader How Anyone Can Still Make Money Trading Shares
    The NASDAQ Investor
    The Nasdaq Traders Toolkit
    The New Electronic Traders
    The New Laws of the Stock Market Jungle
    The New Reality Of Wall Street
    The Online Broker and Trading Directory
    The Option Trader Handbook: Strategies and Trade Adjustments
    The Options Trader's Workbook - A Problem-Solving Approach
    The Options Course Workbook
    The Options Course
    The Options Doctor: Option Strategies for Every Kind of Market
    The Options Strategis
    The Options Trader's Guide to Probability, Volatility, and Timing
    The Poker Face of Wall Street
    The Prudent Investors Guide To Beating Wall Street
    The Psychology of Risk: Mastering Market Uncertainty
    The Psychology of Trading
    The Psycholoy of the Foreign Exchange Market
    The Right Stock at the Right Time
    The Secret Science of Price and Volume: Techniques for Spotting Market Trends, Hot Sectors, and the Best Stocks
    The Sleuth Investor
    The Stock Investor Pocket Calculator
    The Stock Market Course
    The Stock Option Income Generator
    The Swing Traders Bible : Strategies to Profit from Market Volatility
    The Superstock Investor
    The Tax Guide for Traders
    The Teenage Investor
    The Three Skills of Top Trading Behavioral : Systems Building, Pattern Recognition, and Mental State Management
    The Thrifty nvestor
    The Trader's Guide to Equity Spreads
    The Trader's Guide to Key Economic Indicators
    The TRENDadvisor Guide to Breakthrough Profits: A Proven System for Building Wealth in the Financial Markets
    The Truth About Day Trading Stocks
    The UK Trader's Bible
    The Ultimate Dividend Playbook
    The Undergroundtrader com Guide To Electronic Trading
    The Value Connection: A Four-Step Market Screening Method to Match Good Companies With Good Stocks
    The Visual Investor : How to Spot Market Trends
    The Vital Few versus the Tr
    The Volatility Course Workbook
    The Wall Street Waltz
    The Warren Buffet Way
    The Winner's Circle Wall Street's Best Mutual Fund Managers
    Think Like Trader Invest Like Pro
    Timing Techniques for Commodity Futures Markets
    Timing the Market - How to Profit in the Stock Market Using the Yield Curve, Technical Analysis, and Cultural Indicators
    Tom Dorsey's Trading Tips - A Playbook for Stock Market Success
    Tools for the Direct Access
    Trade Like A Hedge Fund: 20 Successful Uncorrelated Strategies & Techniques to Win Profits
    Trade Like Jesse Livermore
    Trade Like Warren Buffet
    Trade Stocks and Commodities With the Insiders - Secrets of the COT Report
    Trade Stocks Commodities The insiders
    Trade to Win: Proven Strategies to Make Money
    Trade What You See: How To Profit from Pattern Recognition
    Trade Your Way to Wealth: Earn Big Profits with No-Risk, Low-Risk, and Measured-Risk Strategies
    Trader Vic on Commodities: What's Unknown, Misunderstood, and Too Good to Be True
    Trading Against The Crowd: Profiting from Fear and Greed in Stock, Futures and Options Markets
    Trading Catalysts - How Events Move Markets and Create Trading Opportunitie
    Trading Chaos
    Trading Chicago Style
    Trading Classic Chart Pattern
    Trading for Dummies
    Trading from Your Gut - How to Use Right Brain Instinct & Left Brain Smarts to Become a Master Trader
    Trading In The Zone : Maximizing Performance with Focus and Discipline
    Trading Index Options
    Trading on Momentum
    Trading Options as a Professional: Techniques for Market Makers and Experienced Traders
    Trading Options at Expiration - Strategies and Models for Winning the Endgame
    Trading Options to Win: Profitable Strategies and Tactics for Any Trader
    Trading Pairs: Capturing Profits and Hedging Risk with Statistical Arbitrage Strategies
    Trading Regime Analysis : The Probability of Volatility
    Trading Risk: Enhanced Profitability through Risk Control
    Trading Rules That Work: The 28 Lessons Every Trader Must Master
    Trading Systems and Money Management
    Trading Without Gambling: Develop a Game Plan for Ultimate Trading Success
    Trend Forecasting with Technical Analysis: Unleashing the Hidden Power of Intermarket Analysis to Beat the Market
    Trend Trading for a Living - Learn the Skills and Gain the Confidence to Trade for a Living
    Trend Trading : Timing Market Tides
    TrimTabs Investing
    Trouncing The Dow
    Turning Losing Forex Trades into Winners : Proven Techniques to Reverse Your Losses
    Uncertainty and Expectation: Strategies for the Trading of Risk
    Understanding Gaps - Profiting from The Opening Gap
    Understanding Hedged Scale
    Understanding Stocks
    Using Economic Indicators to Improve Investment Analysis
    Valuation of Internet Technology and Biotechnology Stock
    Value Averaging
    Value in Time : Better Trading Through Effective Volume
    Value Investing in Commodity Futures
    Value Investing Today
    Volatility Trading
    Wall Street's Buried Treasure : The Low-Priced Value Investing Approach to Finding Great Stocks
    Wall Street Meat - My Narrow Escape from the Stock Market Grinde
    Wall Street on Sale
    Wall Street Stories
    Wall Street The Markets, Mechanisms and Players
    Warren Buffett Wealth
    Warrior Trading: Inside the Mind of an Elite Currency Trader
    Way of The Turtle
    What Every Investor Needs to Know About Accounting Fraud
    What Is Value Investing
    What Works on Wall Street
    When Buy Means Sell
    When the Dow Break
    When The Market Moves, Will You Be Ready
    Winning the Day Trading Game: Lessons and Techniques from a Lifetime of Trading
    Winning the Losers Game
    Winning the Mental Game on Wall Street
    Winning the Trading Game - Why 95% of Traders Lose and What You Must Do To Win
    Winning With Options
    Winning With Stocks: The Smart Way to Pick Investments, Manage Your Portfolio, and Maximize Profits
    Working the Street
    World Event Trading: How to Analyze and Profit from Today's Headlines
    Your Next Great Stock
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    DVD/Course :
    1. Forex Mentor : Optimal Trade Entry & Position Management - Rp. 10.000
    2. Perry Kaufman : Developing a Multiple-Strategy Trading Program (Audio + Manual) - Rp. 10.000
    3. Toni Hansen : Mastering Momentum Gaps - Rp. 15.000
    4. Wave59 : Power Users Conference 2011 - Rp. 50.000
    5. Allan Ellman : Cashing in on Covered Calls - Basic Course (2 DVD)- Rp. 35.000
    6. Joe Burns : The Best of Technical and Fundamental Analysis (1 VCD) - Rp. 12.500
    7. John Bollinger : Bollinger Band & Forex (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    8. John Murphy : Intermarket Analysis (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    9. Mark Douglas : How To Think Like a Professional Trader (4 DVD) - Rp. 70.000
    10. Pristine : Creating a Profitable Trading & Investing Plan by Ron Wagner (2 DVD) - Rp. 35.000
    11. Bob Prechter : Implication of the Wave Principle for Technical Analysis (1 DVD) - Rp.17.500
    12. Tom DeMark : Identifying Low-Risk Trading Opportunities (1 DVD) - Rp.17.500

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. Commodities for Every Portfolio: How You Can Profit from Long-Term Commodity Boom, by Emanuel Balarie
    2. Day Trading Options : Profiting from Price Distortions in Very Brief Time Frames, by Jeff Augen
    3. Investing with Volume Analysis : Identify, Follow and Profit from Trends, by Buff Dormeier
    4. Technical Analysis For Dummies, by Barbara Rockefeller
    5. Trend Commandments : Trading for Exceptional Returns, by Michael W. Covel
    6. Value Averaging : The Safe and Easy Strategy for Higher Invesment Returns, by Michael E. Edleson
    Ebooks Scan (per title Rp. 2.500) :
    1. Attacking Currency Trend : How to Anticipate & Trade Big Moves in The Forex Market, by Greg Michalowski
    2. The Four Cardinal Principles of Trading : How the World's Top Traders Identify Trends, Cut Losses, Maximize Profits & Manage Risk, by Bruce Babcock
    3. Three Point Reversal Method of Point Figure Stock Market Trading, by A.W.Cohen
    4. Trader Vic II : Principles of Professional Speculation, by Victor Sperandeo
    DVD/Course :
    1. Aussie Rob's Option Simplicity Home Study Course CD - Rp. 20.000
    2. Dynamic Trend Trading : Advanced System - Rp. 10.000
    3. Forex Mentor : Fibonacci Swing Trader - Rp. 15.000
    4. Fred Schutzman : Developing Profitable Trading Systems from Discretionary to Mechanical (Audio + Manual) - Rp. 10.000
    5. Bill McLaren : Time Factor (2 DVD)- Rp. 35.000
    6. Greg Michalowski : When Is It Safe to Trade Against the Trend in the Forex Market? (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    7. Jeffrey Kennedy : The Wave Principle Applied - How to Spot a Pattern You Recognize and Put Your Trading Plan into Action (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    8. Howard Gold : Fundamental Analysis: A to Z (1 VCD) - Rp. 12.500
    9. Optionetics : Futures and Commodities Home Study Course (6 DVD) - Rp. 100.000
    10. Pristine : Precision Trading on Company News with Dan Gibby (1 DVD) - Rp.17.500
    11. Steve Lentz : Trading Technical Analysis Signals with Option Spreads (1 DVD) - Rp.17.500

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. Dividends Still Don't Lie : The Truth About Investing in Blue Chip Stocks and Winning in the Stock Market, by Kelley Wright
    2. Getting Started in Chart Pattern, by Thomas N. Bulkowski
    3. Increasing Alpha with Options : Trading Strategies Using Technical Analysis and Market Indicators, by Scott H. Fullman
    4. The Myth of the Rational Market : A History of Risk, Reward & Delusion on Wall Street, by Justin Fox
    5. Trade The Trader : Know Your Competition & Find Your Edge for Profitable Trading, by Quint Tatro
    6. Trading Futures For Dummies, by Joe Duarte
    DVD/Course :
    1. Forex Mentor : Forex Master Blueprint - Rp. 15.000
    2. Options University : Retire Rich Seminar - Rp. 15.000
    3. Robert Krausz : Advanced Symmetrics Mental Harmonics Course (Audio + Manual) Rp. 10.000
    4. Better Trades : Spread The Wealth (2 DVD) - Rp. 35.000
    5. Bill McLaren : Foundation for Successful Trading (2 DVD)- Rp. 35.000
    6. Greg Michalowski : The Retail Forex Trader's Most Common Trading Mistakes and How to Avoid Them (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    7. John Hill : How To Evaluate System (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    8. Ken Chow : SuperStructure Trading - Profit by Aligning Price & Time (5 DVD) - Rp.80.000
    9. Ross Jardine : Options Strategies for Consistent Income (1 DVD) - Rp.17.500

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. How to Make a Living Trading Foreign Exchange : A Guaranteed Income for Life, by Courtney D. Smith
    2. Microsoft Excel for Stock & Option Traders : Build Your Own Analytical Tools for Higher Returns, by Jeff Augen
    3. The 5 Keys to Value Investing, by J. Dennis Jean-Jacques
    4. The Alpha Hunter : Profiting from Option LEAPS, by Jason Schwarz
    5. The Encylopedia of Technical Market Indicators, by Robert W. Colby
    6. Trading Realities : The Truth, the Lies, and the Hype In-Between, by Jeff Augen
    DVD/Course :
    1. Forex Mentor : The Tactical FX Trend Trading Strategies - Rp. 15.000
    2. Hector deVille : Learn Forex Live Power Course - Rp. 75.000
    3. Ryan Jones : Options for Profit Course (Audio + Manual) Rp. 10.000
    4. Christopher Terry : You are Gladiator - The Trader's Power of Positive Thinking (1 VCD) - Rp. 12.500
    5. Martin Pring: Getting New Insights From Old Indicators (1 DVD)- Rp. 17.500
    6. Marty Kearney : Leaps Trading Strategies - Powerful Techniques for Options Trading Success (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    7. Merlin Rohfeld : How to Be Part of the 7% of Traders Who Succeed (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    8. Michael Parsons : Channel Surfing(3 DVD) - Rp.52.500
    9. Todd Krueger : Support/Resistance Techniques of Professional Traders (6 DVD) - Rp. 100.000

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. 101 Option Trading Secrets
    2. Candlestick Charting Explained : Timeless Techniques for Trading Stocks and Futures
    3. Channel Surfing : Riding the Waves of Channels to Profitable Trading
    4. Forex Trading Using Intermarket Analysis : Discovering Hidden Market Relationships That Provide Early Clues for Price Direction
    5. Futures and Options for Dummies
    6. Support & Resistance Simplified
    DVD/Course :
    1. Bob Koppel & Howard Abell : The Day Trader's Advantage — Mastering the Psychology & Strategy of Effective Short-Term Trading (Audio + Manual)- Rp. 10.000
    2. Forex Commander : The Dynamic Gap System - Rp. 10.000
    3. Forex Mentor : Forex Money Makers Rp. 10.000
    4. Paul Lemal : Bonsai Elite Wavetrader Trading Course Video Training Series - Rp. 75.000
    5. Darlene Nelson Powell : Trading the Q's 2010 Edition (6 DVD)- Rp. 100.000
    6. Jake Bernstein : Catching the Big Moves (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    7. John Person DVD Series (4 DVD) - Rp. 70.000
    8. Marc Gerstein : A 4-step System for Screening the Markets - Integrating Technical Timing with Fundamental Indicators for Superior Stock Selection(3 DVD) - Rp.17.500
    9. Mike McMahon : Kiss Stress Goodbye (1 VCD) - Rp. 12.500

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. Market Timing For Dummies
    2. Mastering Technical Analysis : Using The Tools of Technical Analysis for Profitable Trading
    3. Profiting with Iron Condor Options : Strategies from The Frontline for Trading in Up or Down Markets
    4. The Art of Contrarian Trading : How to Profit from Crowd Behavior in the Financial Markets
    5. The Fundamental Index:- A Better Way to Invest
    6. Trading as Business
    DVD/Course :
    1. Astrology for Gann Traders : Beginner Level - Rp. 15.000
    2. Astrology for Gann Traders : Intermediate Course - Rp. 15.000
    3. Forex Mentor : Mastering The Power of Metatrader 4 in 90 Minutes Rp. 10.000
    4. Steve Nison : Candlestick Charting Basic - Spotting the Early Reversals - Rp. 10.000
    5. Van Tharp : Psychology of Trading Series (Audio + Manual)- Rp. 50.000
    6. Alexander Elder : Teach Yourself to Become a Better Trader (1VCD) - Rp. 12.500
    7. Better Trades : Foundation Fundementals (3 DVD) - Rp. 52.500
    8. Carolyn Boroden : A-Z Fibonacci Analysis DVD (3 DVD) - Rp.52.500
    9. Jack Schwager : Market Wizard Insights (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    10. Rob Booker : The Vortex Trade: Step-by-Step Countertrend Trading (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    11. Tony Saliba : Advanced Real World Options Strategies for the Advanced Retail Trader (5 DVD) - Rp. 80.000

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. Commodity Trader's Almanac 2011 - For Active Traders of Futures, Forex, Stocks & ETFs
    2. Essentials of Foreign Exchange Trading, by James Chen
    3. Stock Trader's Almanac 2011
    4. The Investopedia Guide to Wall Speak - The terms you need to know to talk like Cramer, think like Soros, and buy like Buffet
    5. The New Market Wizards : Conversation with America's Top Trader, by Jack Schwager
    6. Trading with Di Napoli Levels : The Practical Application of Fibonacci Analysis to Investment Markets, ny Joe DiNapoli
    DVD/Course :
    1. Forex Mentor : The London Close Trade - Rp. 10.000
    2. Hector DeVille : Learn Forex Live Home Study Course- Rp. 25.000
    3. Mark Douglas : The Dynamics of a Trader's Mindset (Audio + Manual) Rp. 10.000
    4. Ryan Jones - Self-Destructing Trader Audio Course (Audio) - Rp. 15.000
    5. Joe DiNapoli & Merrick Okamoto : DiNapoli Levels Video Training Course- Supercharge Your Day & Position Trading (3 DVD)- Rp. 45.000
    6. John Crane : Time, Price & Pattern (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    7. John Person : The Art of Candlestick Charting (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    8. Larry McMillan : Spotting and Trading Takeover Rumors (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    9. Martin Pring : The Complete Technical Analysis Course (7 DVD) - Rp. 120.000
    10. Pristine : Creating The Ultimate Trading & Investing Psychology by Tom Willard (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. Confidence Game : How a Hedge Fund Manager Called Wall Street's Bluff
    2. Option Trading : Pricing & Volatility Strategies and Techniques
    3. Stock Profits : Getting to the Core--New Fundamentals for a New Age
    4. Trading and Investing in the Forex Markets Using Chart Techniques
    5. Trading with Candlesticks : Visual Tools for Improved Technical Analysis and Timing
    6. Winning With Futures : The Smart Way to Recognize Opportunities, Calculate Risk, and Maximize Profits
    DVD/Course :
    1. Bill Poulos : Forex Profit Multiplier - Rp. 50.000
    2. Forex Mentor : A Working Mans Position Trading System (2 CD ) - Rp. 20.000
    3. Mark Douglas : Finding and Maintaining Your Personal Trading (Audio) - Rp. 10.000
    4. Nicolas Darvas Trading Secrets Rp. 15.000
    5. Alexander Elder : MACD & MACD-Histogram (1 DVD) - Rp. 15.000
    6. Alexander Elder : RSI - Relative Strength Index (1 DVD) - Rp. 15.000
    7. Alexander Elder : Williams%R (1 DVD) - Rp. 15.000
    8. David Bowden : Safety in The Market - Starter Pack (2 DVD)- Rp. 35.000
    9. Investor Bussiness Daily : IBD Level I Investing Workshop (4 DVD) - Rp. 70.000
    10. John Crane : Advanced Swing Trading (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    11. Larry McMillan : Options Trading Made Easy (1 VCD) - Rp. 12.500
    12. Philip Roth : Volume, Trend and Momentum (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    13. Pristine : Trading the Futures Markets Using Just Two Powerful Concepts to Unlock Profits Daily by Kurt Capra (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. ADXcellence : Power Trend Strategies
    2. Coulda Woulda Shoulda
    3. Forex Trading Secrets : Trading Strategies for the Forex Market
    4. High Performance Trading : 35 Practical Strategies and Techniques To Enhance Your Trading Psychology and Performance
    5. Precision Trading with Stevenson Price and Time Targets
    6. The Five Rules for Successful Stock Investing : Morningstar's Guide to Building Wealth & Winning in The Market
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    DVD/Course :
    1. Forex Mentor : Game Plan of A Winning Trader - Rp. 10.000
    2. Liverpool Derivatives Group : Speculating with Futures and Traditional Commodities (2 CD ) - Rp. 20.000
    3. Tradeguider - Chart Reading Master Class - Rp. 15.000
    4. Bill Williams : Chaos - The New Map for Trader Rp. 17.500
    5. Bob Prechter and Dave Allman : Elliott Wave Educational Video Series (10 DVD) - Rp. 150.000
    6. Kenneth G. Tower : Introduction to Point & Figure & Candle Charts - Rp. 17.500
    7. Pristine : Paul Lange - Seven Steps to a Good Trade - Rp. 17.500

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. DeMark Indicators
    2. Getting Started in ETF
    3. Mastering The Art of Equity Trading through Simulation : The TraderEX Course
    4. Time Compression Trading : Exploiting Multiple Time Frames in Zero Sum Markets
    5. The ETF Handbook : How to Value and Trade Exchange Traded Funds
    6. The Disciplined Trader : Developing Winning Attitudes
    DVD/Course :
    1. Forex Mentor : Fast Track to Forex - Everything You Need to Know to Start Trading Forex - Rp. 10.000
    2. Gecko : 10 Steps To a Successful Trade - Rp. 12.500
    3. Trading The Pristine Method 2 (2 CD) - Rp. 25.000
    4. Bill Williams : Should You Trade (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    5. Steve Nison : Candle Charting Essentials & Beyond (8 DVD) - Rp. 125.000
    6. Todd Krueger : Wyckoff Candle Volume Analysis (2 DVD) - Rp. 35.000
    7. Toni Hansen : Maximum Gain from Every Trade (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. Getting Started in Currency Trading - Winning in Today's Forex Market
    2. The Definitive Guide to Point and Figure - A Comprehensive Guide to The Theory & Practical Use of The Point and Figure Charting Method
    3. The Master Swing Trader Toolkit - The Market Survival Guide
    4. Trade Like an O'Neil Disciple - How We Made 18,000% int The Stock Market
    5. Trading Option Greeks - How Time, Volatility, and Other Pricing Factors Drive Profit
    6. Volatility Illuminated - Empowering Forex, Stocks, Options & Futures Traders
    DVD/Course :
    1. Bill Poulous : Market mastery - Rp. 40.000
    2. Forex Mentor : Top 20 Killer Trader Mistakes - Rp. 12.500
    3. Gecko : Indicator Course - Rp. 12.500
    4. John Bollinger : The Essentials (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    5. John Bollinger : The Advanced Topics (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    6. Lawrence McMillan : Reducing the Risk of Option Trading (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    7. Ralph J. Acampora : Introduction to Technical Analysis (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    8. Timothy Sykes : Read SEC Filings (4 DVD) - Rp. 70.000
    9. Todd Krueger : Wyckoff Volume Analysis (3 DVD) - Rp. 55.000

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. A Maniac Commodity Trader's Guide To Making A Fortune - A-Not-So-Crazy Roadmap to Riches
    2. Integrated Pitchfork Analysis - Basic to Intermediate Level
    3. Making Money in Forex - Trade Like a Pro Without Giving Up Your Day Job
    4. Option Strategies for Directionless Markets - Trading with Butterfiles, Iron Butterflies, and Condors
    5. The Business of Value Investing - Six Essential Elements to Buying Companies Like Warren Buffett
    6. Trading with Ichimoku Clouds
    DVD/Course :
    1. Forex Mentor - Forex profits with MACD - Rp. 12.500
    2. Gecko - Common Sense Commodities Course - Rp. 12.500
    3. Guy Cohen - Illuminati Trader (10 CD) - Rp. 100.000
    4. S&C Magazine on DVD Version 11.26 - Rp. 15.000
    5. Bill Williams - The Practical Fractal (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    6. Pristine - Mastering Candlestik Charts (2 DVD) - Rp. 35.000
    7. Russell Sands - The Original Turtle Trading Rules (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    8. Timothy Sykes - TIMfundamentals Part Deux (4 DVD) - Rp. 70.000

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. Chart Your Way To Profits - The Online Trader's Guide to Technical Analysis with ProphetCharts
    2. How to Choose Winning Stocks - Rewriting Formula for Investment
    3. The Ed Ponsi Forex Playbook - Strategies and Trade Set-Ups
    4. Sentiment Indicators - Renko, Price Break, Kagi, Point and Figure What They Are and How to Use Them to Trade
    5. The Handbook of Trading - Strategies for Navigating and Profiting from Currency, Bond, and Stock Markets
    6. The Option Trader Handbook - Strategies and Trade Adjustments
    7. The Secret Code of Japanese Candlestick
    DVD/Course :
    1. Ed Downs - The Power of Fulcrums - Rp. 12.500
    2. Elliot Wave - 5 Options Strategies Every Elliott Wave Trader Should Know - Rp. 12.500
    3. Forex Mentor - The Ultimate Forex Trading Series - Rp. 25.000
    4. John Murphy - Visual Investing (Audio + Manual) - Rp. 10.000
    5. Bill McLaren - Trading the Fast Moves for Maximum Profit (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    6. David Nassar - Foundational Analysis : Selecting Winning Stocks(1 DVD - Rp. 17.500
    7. Ken Calhoun - Forex on Fire (3 DVD) - Rp. 52.500
    8. Timothy Sykes - TIMtactics (4 DVD) - Rp. 70.000

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. AbleTrend - Identifying & Analyzing Market Trends for Trading Success
    2. Full of Bull - Do What Wall Street Does, Not What It Says, To Make Money in the Market
    3. iMoney - Profitable ETF Strategies for Every Investor
    4. Stock Market Cycles - A Practical Explanation
    5. The Options Trading Body of Knowledge - The Definitive Source for Information About the Options Industry
    6. The Quarters Theory - The Revolutionary New Foreign Currencies Trading Method
    7. The Worlds of Hedge Funds - Characteristic and Analysis
    8. Trading Day by Day - Winning The Zero-Sum Game of Futures
    9. Trend Following (Updated Edition) - Learn to Make Millions in Up or Down Markets
    10. Value Investing For Dummies
    DVD/CD :
    1. Forex Mentor - Forex Profits with COT - Rp. 12.500
    2. Jeff Cooper - Intra-Day Trading Strategies (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    3. John Carter - Forex Online Trading Seminar - Rp. 12.500
    4. John Carter & Hubert Senters : How we trade for a living - Rp. 12.500
    5. Myles Wilson Walker : Master Time Factor (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    6. Timothy Sykes - TIMfundamentals (4 DVD) - Rp. 70.000
    6. Woodies CCI Club (6 DVD) - Rp. 100.000

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. Breakthroughs in Technical Analysis - New Thinking from The World's Top Minds
    2. Fibonacci Analysis
    3. High-Frequency Trading - A Practical Guide to Algorithmic Strategies and Trading Systems
    4. The Mental Strategies of Top Traders - The Psychological Determinants of Trading Success
    5. The Volatility Edge in Options Trading
    DVD/CD :
    1. Andrew Cardwell - RSI Course Complete (Audio + Manual) - Rp. 50.000
    2. Forex Mentor - Peter Bain Best Of AM Review Volume 2 (4 CD) - Rp. 40.500
    3. Forex Mentor - Understanding Global Fundamental - Rp. 12.500
    4. Jeff Cooper - Seven Set-ups that Consistently Make Money (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    5. Random Walk - Options Professional (5 DVD) - Rp. 80.000
    6. Trade Guider - How to Pick Stock That Ready to Move - Rp. 17.500
    7. Timothy Sykes - Shortstocking (4 DVD) - Rp. 70.000

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. Advanced Options Trading - Approaches, Tools, and Techniques for Professionals Traders
    2. Commodity Options - Trading and Hedging Volatility in the World's Most Lucrative Market
    3. How the Stock Market Works - A Beginner's Guide to Investment
    4. The Aggressive Conservative Investor
    5. Winning Edge Trading - Successful and Profitable Short and Long-Term Systems and Strategies
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    DVD/Course :
    1. DiscoverOptions : Level 3 Option Mentoring Course - Rp. 20.000
    2. Dave Landry : Complete Swing Trading Course - Applying My Best Patterns And Strategies In The Real World (5 CD) - Rp. 60.000
    3. Forex Mentor : FX Engine - Rule-Based Position Trading System - Rp. 20.000
    4. Bill Kraft : Trading for Keeps - Making Money with Low Risk Option Trades (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    5. John Carter : Profitable Set-ups for Volatile Markets (1 DVD)- Rp. 17.500
    6. John Crane : Reversal Day Phenomenon (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    7. Mike Williams : Fear & Greed - Two Components for Investing Failure (1 VCD ) - Rp. 12.500
    8. Robert Prechter : Understanding the Extraordinary Value of the Elliot Wave Model - Lessons in Real-Time Application (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    9. Russ Horn : Forex Master Methods (8 DVD) - Rp. 125.000

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. Options Made Simple, by Jacqueline Clarke
    2. Stock Trader's Almanac 2012, by Jeffrey A. Hirsch
    3. Technical Analysis for The Rest of Us, by Thomas K. Carr
    4. The FX Bootcamp Guide to Strategic and Tactical Forex Trading, by Wayne McDonell
    5. The Little Book that Saves Your Assets, by David M. Darst
    6. The New Day Trader Advantage, by Jon D. Markman
    Ebooks Scan (per title Rp. 2.500) :
    1. Carrol D. Abby - Point & Figure Charting : The Complete Guide
    2. Larry Pesavento - The Opening Price Principle : The Best Kept Secret On Wall Street
    DVD/Course :
    1. Bill Poulos : ETF Profit Driver Course - Rp. 50.000
    2. Bill Poulos : Forex Time Machine - Rp. 50.000
    3. John Carter : How I Trade For A Living - Rp. 30.000
    4. Brad Matheny & Gary Wagner : Advanced Trading Applications of Candlestick Charting (2 DVD) - Rp. 35.000
    5. John Jagerson : Forex Investing - 12 Key Questions You Should Be Asking Your Currencies (1 DVD)- Rp. 17.500
    6. Larry McMillan's New Option Strategy Course (4 DVD) - Rp. 70.000
    7. Pristine : Trading Survival 101 with Andrew Kezeli (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    8. Tim Cho : Developing a Winning System for Trading High-Performance Stocks (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    9. Toni Turner : The Profitable Trading Attitude (3 DVD) - Rp. 52.500

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. All About Forex Trading by John Jagerson & S. Wade
    2. Buy and Hedge : The 5 Iron Rules for Investing Over the Long Term, by Jay Pestrichelli & Wayne Ferbert
    3. Essentials of Technical Analysis for Financial Markets, by James Chen
    4. Inside the Mind of the Turtles : How The World's Best Traders Master Risk , by Curtis M. Faith
    5. Trade My Way : Share Trading Tactics That Really Work for Novices to Experts, by Allan Hull
    6. Trading on Corporate Earnings News : Profiting from Targeted, Short-Term Options Positions, by John Shon & Ping Zhou
    DVD/Course :
    1. John Richardson : Unique Options Trading Strategy - Rp. 50.000
    2. Learn Trading : Scalping the Forex (3 CD) - Rp. 30.000
    3. Tradeguider : Chart of the Week Compilation - Vol 1 & 2 - Rp. 25.000
    4. Alexander Elder : Rules, Risks and Rewards (2 DVD) - Rp. 35.000
    5. Darlene Nelson : Stock Split Secrets (6 DVD) - Rp. 100.000
    6. Guy Cohen : How to Profit from Breakouts Using Options (1 DVD)- Rp. 17.500
    7. Ken Calhoun : ADX Mastery - Discover New ADX Trading Strategies (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    8. Pristine : Market Preparation, Trading Gaps, and Trading the Open with Dan Gibby (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    9. William Dale : Foreign Exchange (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. 12 Simple Technical Indicator That Really Work, by Mark Larson
    2. Build Wealth in Any Market : How to create consistent, reliable income from the stock market, by Ross W. Jardine
    3. High-Probability Trade Setups : A Chartist’s Guide to Real-Time Trading, by Tim Knight
    4. Market Mind Games : A Radical Psychology of Investing, Trading, and Risk, by Denise Shull
    5. Mastering Trade Selection and Management : Advanced Strategies for Long-Term Profitability, by Jay Norris
    6. Naked Puts : Power Strategies for Consistents Profits, by Ernie Zerenner & Michael Cupka
    DVD/Course :
    1. Forex Mentor : Recurring Forex Patterns - Rp. 40.000
    2. Learn Trading : Spread Betting for Beginners - Rp. 15.000
    3. Top Dog Trading : Advanced Fibonacci Techniques - Rp. 25.000
    4. Alexander Elder : Stochastic (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    5. Allan Ellman : Cashing in on Covered Calls - Advanced Course (4 DVD) - Rp. 70.000
    6. Fausto Pugliese : Controlling Fear and Greed: How to Reach Your Trading Goals (1 DVD)- Rp. 17.500
    7. Pristine : Mastering Breakouts And Breakdowns with Dan Gibby (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    8. Robert Prechter : Trading the Elliott Waves: Winning strategies for Timing Entry & Exit Moves (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    9. Stephen W. Bigalow : Daytrading Commodities - The Fundamentals of Day-trading or Short Term Swing Trading (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    10. Toni Turner : Trade The Right Stocks At The Right Time (3 DVD) - Rp. 52.500

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. Inside the Currency Market : Mechanics, Valuation & Strategies, by Brian Twomey (EPUB)
    2. Options in Volatile Markets : Managing Volatility & Protecting Against Catastrophic Risk, by Richard Lehman & Larry McMillan (EPUB)
    3. Survival Guide for Traders : How to Set Up Organize Your Trading Business, by Bennett A. McDowell
    4. The Greatest Trades of All Time : Top Traders Making Big Profits from the Crash of 1929 to Today, by Vincent W. Veneziani
    5. The Trader Book of Volume : The Definitive Guide to Volume Trading, by Mark Leibovit
    6. Trading Price Action Trends : Technical Analysis of Price Charts Bar by Bar for The Serious Trader, by Al Brooks
    DVD/Course :
    1. Larry Connors : Five-Week Live Web Seminar - Rp. 50.000
    2. Online Trading Academy : Managing Currency Risk - Rp. 15.000
    3. Top Dog Trading : Swing Trading with Confidence - Rp. 15.000
    4. Dale Wheatley : The Secret to Extraordinary Wealth in the Options Market (4 DVD) - Rp. 70.000
    5. Jim Martens : How to Trade Forex with the Elliott Wave Model - Lessons in Real-Time Trading (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    6. Markus Heitkoetter & Mark Hodge : How to Trade Commodities - Simple Strategies for Gold and Crude That Traders Can Use in Any Market (3 DVD)- Rp. 52.500
    7. Pristine : Predicting Trends with Intermarket Analysis by Greg Capra (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    8. Robert Deel : Analysis of Sector, Markets and Stocks (2 DVD) - Rp. 35.000
    9. Russell Sands : What I Learned From the Best Trader In the World (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. All About Short Selling, by Tom Taulli
    2. Forex Analysis and Trading : Effective Top-Down Strategies Combining Fundamental, Position & technical Analysis, by T. J. Marta and Joseph Brusuelas (EPUB)
    3. Taming the Lion : 100 Secret Strategies for Investing, by Richard Farleigh
    4. The Technical Analysis Course : learn How to Forecast & Time The Market , by Thomas Meyers
    5. Trading Binary Options : Strategies and Tactics, by Abe Cofnas [EPUB]
    6. Trading Price Action Reversals : Technical Analysis of Price Charts Bar by Bar for The Serious Trader, by Al Brooks
    DVD/Course :
    1. Forex Point and Figure System (FxPnF) - Rp. 15.000
    2. Learn Trading : Tom Cat Trading System - Rp. 15.000
    3. Top Gun Options Training Course - Rp. 50.000
    4. Alexander Elder : Technical Analysis in Just 52 Minutes (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    5. Investools : Currency Trader (7 DVD) - Rp. 120.000
    6. Jeff Drake : Trade Management - The Key to Trading success (2 DVD)- Rp. 35.000
    7. Norman Hallet : More Profit Less Stress (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    8. Steve Nison : Introduction to Profiting from Candlesticks for Options (1 DVD) - Rp.17.500

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. The Forex Edge: Uncover the Secret Scams & Tricks to Profit in The Worlds Financial Market, by James Dicks
    2. The Inner Voice of Trading : Eliminate the Noise, and Profit from the Strategies That Are Right for You, by Michael Martin
    3. Trade Like a Casino : Find Your Edge, Manage Risk, and Win Like the House, by Richard L. Weissman
    4. Trading With Charts for Absolute Returns, by Robert Fischer
    5. Understanding ETF Options : Profi table Strategies for Diversified, Low-Risk Investing, by Kenneth R. Trester
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    DVD/Course :
    1. Mike Swanson : Stock Market Mastery Course - Rp. 20.000
    2. Options University : World Currency Options Trading Course (9 CD Course)- Rp. 125.000
    3. Richard Machowicz : Trading Warrior Workshop - Rp. 50.000
    4. Cameron Fous : Fous4 DVD - Dominate The Stock Market (6 DVD) - Rp. 100.000
    5. Carley Garner : Option Spread Advantage - Real Strategies and Real Examples (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    6. Gerald Appel : Day-Trading with Gerald Appel (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    7. Jeff Greenblatt : Harnessing Explosive Market Turns: Finding Profitable Set-ups with Fibonacci, Lucas, Elliott Wave, and Candlesticks (3 DVD)- Rp. 52.500
    8. Stephen W. Bigalow : : Profitable Commodity Indicators - Time Tested and Proven Indicators for Large Profit (1 DVD) - Rp.17.500

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. Currency Trading in The Forex and Futures Market, by Carley Garner
    2. Invest in Penny Stocks : A Guide to Profitable Trading by Peter Leeds
    3. Profit with the Market Profile : Identifying Market Value In Real Time, by John Keppler
    4. The Option Trader's Workbook: A Problem Solving Approach, by Jeff Augen
    5. The Trading Book : A Complete Solution to Mastering Technical Systems & Trading Psychology , by Anne-Marie Baiynd
    DVD/Course :
    1. Forex Mentor : Winning Strategies for The Forex Trader - Rp. 20.000
    2. Rick Burgess : Confessions Of A Pit Trader - Intraday Guerilla Trading Tactics For E-Mini And Stock Daytraders (3 CD Course) - Rp. 50.000
    3. Alexander Elder : Trading At The Right Edge (2 DVD) - Rp. 35.000
    4. James Chen : Maximizing Entry and Exit Trading Opportunities in the Forex Market (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    5. Lan H. Turner : Risk & Money Management (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    6. Marty Kearney : Credit Spreads and Iron Condors - New Tactics to Collect Premium and Lower Risk (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    7. Steve Palmquist : New Money-Making Trading Systems - Advanced Results from 6 Simple, Proven Strategies (4 DVD)- Rp. 70.000
    8. Toni Turner : Wealth Building Strategies For Active Investors (3 DVD) - Rp. 52.500

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. 401(k) Day Trading : The Art of Cashing in on a Shaky Market in Minutes a Day, by Richard Schmitt
    2.Getting Started in Options, by Michael C. Thomsett
    3. The Encyclopedia of Technical Market Indicator, by Robert W. Colby
    4. The Modern Trader : Wall Street Traders Reveal Their Formula for Success, by T3 Live
    5. Trading Rules : Strategies for Success, by William F. Eng
    DVD/Course :
    1. Cecil Robles : FX Swing Trader Pro - Rp. 15.000
    2. Learn Trading : Stock Trading - Rp. 15.000
    3.TradeTheMarkets : Gold Trading Webinar - Rp. 20.000
    4. Alexander Elder : Force Index (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    5. Oliver Velez : The First Rule of Trading (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    6. Richard Lehman : Profiting from Volatility - Cashing in on Modern Markets (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    7. Steve Ward : The Trader Mind Program (6 DVD)- Rp. 100.000
    8. Toni Turner : Swing Trade Stocks and ETFs in Any Market (3 DVD) - Rp. 52.500

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. Gann Simplified, by Clif Droke
    2. Market Upside Down : How to Invest Profitably in a Shrinking Economy, by Vinh Q. Tran
    3. One Good Trade : Inside the Highly Competitive World of Proprietary Trading, by Mike Bellafiore
    4. The Market Takers Edge : Insider Strategies from The Options Trading Floor, by Dan Passarelli
    5. Trading Systems : A New Approach to System Optimisation and Portfolio Construction, by Emilio Tomasini & Urban Jaekle
    DVD/Course :
    1. Dave Slingshot : The Slingshot Strategies Volume I - III (6 CD) - Rp. 60.000
    2. Learn Trading : Tornado Trend Trading System - Rp. 15.000
    3. Alexander Elder : Triple Screen Trading System (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    4. Chris Tate : Breakout Trading Systems (4 DVD) - Rp. 70.000
    5. Pristine : Options Trading & Investing with Frank Kneipher (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    6. Rob Booker: How to Short-Term Trade the EUR/USD with Jennifer Hooper (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    7. Ryan Litchfield - Trading With Emotion (1 DVD)- Rp. 17.500
    8. Tradeguider : Stock Selection Masterclass (4 DVD) - Rp. 70.000

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. All About High-Frequency Trading, by Michael Durbin
    2. Profit Strategies : Unlocking Trading Performance with Money Management, by David Stendahl
    3. Swing Trading Simplified, by Larry D. Spears
    4. Technical Analysis of Stock Trends, by Edwards, Magee & Bassetti
    5. The Smart Investor Money Machine : Methods and Strategies to Create Regular Income, by Bill Kraft
    DVD/Course :
    1. Cyber Trading.University : Introduction To The FOREX Trading - Rp. 15.000
    2. David Bowden & Aaron Lynch : Ultimate Gann Course Coaching Online Classroom - Rp. 75.000
    3. Winning on Wall Street : Entry/Exit/Target - Rp. 15.000
    4. Alexander Elder : Elder-Ray (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    5. Chuck Hughes : Global PowerTrend System (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    6. Darren Miller : The Importance of Matching Trading Strategies with Personality (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    7. Dynamic Traders : The Art of Trading A Correction (3 DVD) - Rp. 52.500
    8. First 4 Forex : A Forex Course in Day Trading Analysis and Strategy Development to Increase Your Winning Probability (3 DVD) - Rp. 52.500
    9. Markay Latimer : Market Internals (2 DVD) - Rp. 35.000
    8. Pristine : Success Using Covered Calls with Frank Kneipher (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. Deemer on Technical Analysis : Expert Insights on Timing The Market & Profiting in The Long Run, by Walter Deemer
    2. DeMark On Day Trading Options : Using Options To Cash In On The Day Trading Phenomenon, by Thomas DeMark
    3. Investor's Passport to Hedge Fund Profits : Unique Investment Strategies for Today's Global Capital Markets, by Sean Casterline
    4. The Sensible Guide to Forex : Safer, Smarter Ways to Survive and Prosper from the Start , by Cliff Wachtel
    5. Trading Between the Lines : Pattern Recognition & Visualization of Markets, by Knuth Elaine
    DVD/Course :
    1. Cyber Trading.University : Introduction To The Stock Market - Rp. 15.000
    2. James de Wet : Precision Forex Scalping System - Rp. 15.000
    3. Winning on Wall Street : The wizard's Guide to Selling Short - Rp. 15.000
    4. David Stendahl: The Systematic Trader : Maximizing Trading System & Money Management (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    5. Darlene Nelson : Falling Stocks (2 DVD) - Rp. 35.000
    6. Ryan Litchfield : Line Upon Line (4 DVD) - Rp. 70.000
    7. Tradeguider : Forex Trading Masterclass (5 DVD) - Rp. 80.000

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. 7 Steps to Success Trading Options Online, by Larry D. Spears
    2. Advanced Technical Analysis of ETFs : Strategies and Market Psychology, by Deron Wagner
    3. Commodity Trader's Almanac 2013 : For Active Traders of Futures, Forex, Stocks, Options, and ETFs , by Jeffrey A. Hirsch
    4. The Evolution of Technical Analysis : Financial Prediction from Babylonian Tablets to Bloomberg Terminals, by Andrew W. Lo
    5. The Investor's Guide to Active Asset Allocation : Using Intermarket Technical Analysis and ETFs to Trade the Markets, by Martin J. Pring
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    DVD/Course :
    1. Cyber Trading University : Tradable and Non-Tradable Stocks - Rp. 15.000
    2. Forex4Noobs : NickB Method - Advanced Price Action Analysis - Rp. 20.000
    3. Van Tharp : The ABC's of Trading - Rp. 15.000
    4. Al Brooks : Price Action Trading Course (8 DVD) - Rp. 125.000
    5. Chris Tevere : The Critical Element Most Forex Traders Lack: Time (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    6. Mark Deaton : Bollinger Band Timer System (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    7. Mark Espy : Trade the Cycle - Systematically Build Wealth with Options (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    8. Pristine : Trading the Index E-mini's for Consistent Profits by Kurt Capra (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. An Introduction to Algorithmic Trading : Basic to Advanced Strategies, by Edward A Leshik & Jane Cralle
    2. Automated Option Trading : Create, Optimize, and Test Automated Trading Systems, by Sergey Izraylevich & Vadim Tsudikman
    3. Building Winning Trading Systems with TradeStation, by George Pruitt & John R. Hill
    4. Technical Analysis for the Trading Professional : Strategies & Techniques for Today’s Turbulent Global Financial Markets, by Constance Brown
    5. The Universal Principles of Successful Trading : Essential Knowledge for All Traders in All Markets, by Brent Penfold
    DVD/Course :
    1. Cyber Trading University : Mirror the Market Makers - Rp. 15.000
    2. Jaime Johnson : NOBSFX Course - Rp. 20.000
    3. Toni Hansen : The Top 3 Strategies You've been taught that will lose you money - Rp. 15.000
    4. Dan Vascu : How to Use Heikin-Ashi Trend Technique to Dramatically Improve Your Trading Results (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    5. Deron Wagner : My Top Three Stock and ETF Swing Trading (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    6. John Hill : Trading System Building Blocks - Proven Practices to Build, Test and Profit with Winning Trading Systems (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    7. Markay Latimer : Squeeze The Market (3 DVD) - Rp. 52.500
    8. Pristine : Techniques To Perfect Your Trading In All Time Frame by Ron Wagner (2 DVD) - Rp. 35.000
    9. Steve Nison : Frontline Forex - Key Candlestick Strategies for Profitable FX Trades(4 DVD) - Rp. 70.000

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. Moving Average Simplified, by Clif Droke
    2. The Four Biggest Mistakes in Option Trading , by Jay Kaeppel
    3. The Little Book of Bulletproof Investing : Do’s and Don’ts to Protect YourFinancial Life, by Ben Stein & Phil DeMuth
    4. Timing Solutions for Swing Traders: Successful Trading Using Technical Analysis & Financial Astrology, by Robert T.H Lee & Peter A. Tyrde
    5. Trend Trading Set-Ups : Entering and Exiting Trends for Maximum Profit, by L.A. Little
    DVD/Course :
    1. Chris Capre : Advanced Price Action Course - Rp. 15.000
    2. Cyber Trading University : Charting Strategies - Rp. 15.000
    3. Netpicks : The Ultimate Trading Machine System Course (6 CD) - Rp. 75.000
    4. Jeffrey Ziegler : Credit Spread Trading Made Simple (3 DVD) - Rp. 52.500
    5. Pristine : Creating A Trading Plan by Paul Lange (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    6. Richard W. Arms : The New Arms Index Course (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    7. Stuart McPhee : How to Develop an FX Trading Strategy (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    8. Wizetrade : Wizecoach Boot Camp (6 DVD) - Rp. 100.000

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. Invest Like a Shark, by James DePorre
    2. Reading Price Charts Bar by Bar : The Technical Analysis of Price Action for the Serious Trader , by Al Brooks
    3. The Insider Edge : How to Follow the Insiders for Windfall Profits , by Guy Cohen
    4. The Janus Factor : Trend Follower’s Guide to Market Dialectics, by Gary Anderson
    5. The Three Secrets to Trading Momentum Indicators, by David Penn
    DVD/Course :
    1. Canonbury Publishing : Financial Fixed Odds Profits Course - Rp. 50.000
    2. Forex Mentor : The 3-Screen MACD Histogram Trade - Rp. 15.000
    3. Van Tharp : Introduction to Position Sizing Strategies - Rp. 15.000
    4. Garry Dayton : Fear No Longer- How to Finally Take Control of The Mental Side of The Game (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    5. Jack Schwager : Market Myths and How to Beat Them - Calculated Ways to Beat Top Mistakes for Profit (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    6. Rockwell Trading – Can You Make A Living With Trading (2 DVD) - Rp. 35.000
    7. Steve Nison : Candlestick Secrets for Profiting in Options (6 DVD) - Rp. 100.000
    8. Sylvain Vervoort : Ground-Breaking Band Indicators - Newly Discovered Tactics for Timing Profits (2 DVD) - Rp. 35.000

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. All About Market Indicators, by Michal Sincere
    2. Broken Markets : How High Frequency Trading & Predatory Practices on Wall Street Are Destroying Investor Confidence & Your Portfolio , by Sal Arnuk
    3. Super Trader, Expanded Edition: Make Consistent Profits in Good & Bad Markets , by Van Tharp
    4. The ETF Trend Following Playbook, by Tom Lydon
    5. Traders at Work : How the World's Most Successful Traders Make Their Living in the Markets, by Tim Bourquin
    DVD/Course :
    1. Ezee Trader : Day Trading (4 CD) - Rp. 50.000
    2. Forex Mentor : The 3-Screen EMA Paired Trade - Rp. 15.000
    3. Top Dog Trading : Candlestick Patterns Made Simple - Rp. 15.000
    4. Garry Kaltbaum & Loren Fleckenstein : Intermediate-Term Trading Seminar (4 DVD) - Rp. 70.000
    5. Jeff Cooper : The Holy Grail of Trading - Spot Profit with Opening Range Breakouts (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    6. Larry McMillan – Risk Management (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    7. Trade The Market : Electronic Ags Trading Workshop (6 DVD) - Rp. 100.000

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. Don't Blame the Shorts: Why Short Sellers Are Always Blamed for Market Crashes & How History Is Repeating Itself, by Robert Sloan
    2. Simple Profits from Swing Trading: The Underground Trader Swing Trading System , by Jea Yu
    3. The 7 Chart Patterns that Consistently Make Money , by Ed Downs
    4. The Art & Science of Technical Analysis : Market Structure, Price Action and Trading Strategies, by Adam Grimes
    5. The Option Traders Hedge Fund : A Business Framework for Trading Equity & Index Options, by Tim Bourquin
    DVD/Course :
    1. Ezee Trader : Momentum Trading (3 CD) - Rp. 35.000
    2. Forex Mentor : The Directional Movement Trade - Rp. 15.000
    3. Top Dog Trading : Advanced Price Patterns - Rp. 15.000
    4. Alessio Rastani : The Ultimate Guide to Stock Investing (2 DVD) - Rp. 35.000
    5. Benjamin Lee : The Seven Killer Trading Mistakes That Stop You from Being Profitable (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    6. Kathy Lien : EUR/USD -Tips and Trading Strategies (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    7. John Person : Trading Triggers - The Secrets to Profitable Trading (2 DVD) - Rp. 35.000
    8. Larry McMillan : Understanding and Trading $VIX Options (2 DVD) - Rp. 35.000
    9. Ryan Litchfield : Trading By Candlelite (4 DVD) - Rp. 70.000

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. Buy and Hold Is Dead : How to Make Money and Control Risk in Any Market, by Thomas H Kee, Jr
    2. Inside the Black Box : A Simple Guide to Quantitative and High-Frequency Trading, by Rishi K Narang
    3. Interest Rate Markets : A Practical Approach to Fixed Income, by Siddhartha Jha
    4. Technical Analysis from A to Z, by Steven B. Achelis
    5. The Little Book of Commodity Investing, by John Stephenson
    DVD/Course :
    1. Forex Mentor : The Pre-London Open Day Trade - Rp. 15.000
    2. Hubert Senters : Trading Ambushes - A Plan for Identifying & Trading Pullbacks - Rp. 15.000
    3. Profit Strategies : Technical Analysis Home Study Trading Course - Rp. 25.000
    4. Chris Rowe's Internal Strength System (8 DVD) - Rp. 125.000
    5. David Nassar : Day Trading Smart Right From the Start - Trading Essentials for Maximum Results (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    6. Stan Freifeld : Gamma Scalping in a Volatile Environment (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    7. Todd Gordon : Finding Profits in Forex - Combining Elliott Wave and Fibonacci to Pinpoint Winning Trades (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    8. Toni Turner : Three Moving Average Combinations - How to Trade Them for Profits (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. Maverick Trading : Professional Technique To Create Generational Wealth, by Darren Fischer
    2. Naked Forex : High-Probability Techniques for Trading without Indicators, by Alex Nekritin & Walter Peters
    3. Stock Valuation : An Essential Guide to Wall Street’s Most Popular Valuation Models, by Scott Hoover
    4. The Online Trading Cookbook, by Alpesh B. Patel
    5. Tools and Tactics for the Master Day Trader : Battle-Tested Techniques for Day, Swing, and Position Traders,by Oliver Velez
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    DVD/Course :
    1. Bennett McDowell : Tools of the Trade - Risk Management - Rp. 15.000
    2. Ezeetrader : Forex Swing Trading - Rp. 50.000
    3. Stock Market Institute : Wyckoff Course in Stock Market Science and Technique (Audio) - Rp. 20.000
    4. Alessio Rastani : Master Class on Stock (2 DVD) - Rp. 35.000
    5. Chris Manning : Proven Chart Patterns - Key Indicators for Success in Today's Markets (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    6. David Elliott : Commodity Channel Index (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    7. Jim Kenney : The Option Professor (7 DVD) - Rp. 120.000
    8. Patrick Ceresna : Understanding the Intermarket Relationships in the Capital Markets (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. George Lindsay and The Art of Technical Analysis : Trading Systems of a Market Master, by Ed Carlson
    2. High Probability Trading Strategies : Entry to Exit Tactics for the Forex, Futures, and Stock Markets, by Robert Miner
    3. How The Trading Floor Really Work, by Terri Duhon
    4. Options for Volatile Markets 2nd edition, by Richard Lehman
    5. Trading Systems and Methods 5th edition, by Perry J Kaufman
    DVD/Course :
    1. Mike Williams : Fear & Greed Two Components for Investing Failure - Rp. 15.000
    2. Scott Shubert : Trading Mastermind - Forex Trading Course - Rp. 50.000
    3. Andy Chambers : Upside Trading Strategies - Using Options for High Profits with Low Risk (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    4. Chris Lori : Building the Right Risk Model for Your Trading (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    5. Investor Bussiness Daily : IBD Home Study Level II - Intermediate Strategies for Successful Investing (4 DVD) - Rp.70.000
    6. Stuart McPhee & David Jenyns : Metastock Secret Seminars (2 DVD) - Rp. 35.000
    7. Toni Hansen : Summer Trading Boot-Camp 2012 (4 DVD) - Rp. 70.000
    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. Algorithmic Trading : Winning Strategies and Their Rationale , by Ernie Chan
    2. Mastering Elliott Wave Principle : Elementary Concepts, Wave Patterns, and Practice Exercises, by Constance Brown
    3. Smarter Investing : Simpler Decisions for Better Results, by Tim Hale
    4. Trading Options Greeks - 2nd edition, by Dan Passarelli
    5. Volatility Indicator : Techniques for Profiting from the Market’s Moves, by Jean Folger & Lee Leibfarth
    DVD/Course :
    1. Market Gauge : The Opening Range Trading Blueprint - Rp. 15.000
    2. Larry Pesavento : Pattern Recognition Swing Trading - Rp. 50.000
    3. Chris Lori : Getting Your Mind Right and Psychology of Risk (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    4. Greg Michalowski : Trading Range-Bound Markets in Forex (2 DVD) - Rp. 35.000
    5. Linda Raschke : When and How to Use Relative Strength (1 DVD) - Rp.17.500
    6. Ryan Litchfield : Full Credit Spreads (6 DVD) - Rp. 100.000
    7. Sammy Chua : Level II Profit System (2 DVD) - Rp. 35.000

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. ETF Trading Strategies Revealed, by David Vomund
    2. Investing Strategies for the High Net-Worth Investor : Maximize Returns on Taxable Portfolios , by Niall Gannon
    3. The Complete Guide to Option Pricing Formulas, by Espen Gaarder Haug
    4. The Little Book That Makes You Rich : A Proven Market-Beating Formula for Growth Investing, by Louis Navellier
    5. Visual Guide to Elliott Wave, by Wayne Gorman & Jeffrey Kennedy
    DVD/Course :
    1. Ezee Trader : The Application of Fibonnaci - Rp. 15.000
    2. Mac X : Insider Code Forex Mastery Course (10 CD) - Rp. 75.000
    3. Craig Weil : Trading Discipline - Secrets of a Professional Trader (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    4. Kathy Lien : Battle Tested Forex Trading Strategies (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    5. Kerry Given : The Dangerous Iron Condor (1 DVD) - Rp.17.500
    6. Markay latimer : Trend Trading My Way (6 DVD) - Rp. 100.000
    7. Michael Parsons : Balance Dynamic (3 DVD) - Rp. 52.500
    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. Investing in Shares For Dummies, by Paul Mladjenovic & David Stevenson
    2. The Value and Momentum Trader : Dynamic Stock Selection Models to Beat the Market, by Grant Henning
    3. Traders, Guns and Money : Knowns And Unknowns In The Dazzling World of Derivatives, by Satyajit Das
    4. Trades About to Happen : A Modern Adaptation of the Wyckoff Method, by David H Weis
    5. Visual Guide to Options, by Jared Levy
    DVD/Course :
    1. Ezee Trader : Finer Points (4 CD) - Rp. 50.000
    2. Keystone : Equity Trader 101 - Rp. 15.000
    3. John Carter : 4-Day Professional Trader's Workshop "How We Trade for a Living" (6 DVD) - Rp. 100.000
    4. John Person : Candlesticks and Pivot Point Strategies (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    5. Kathy Lien : 3 Ways To Trade FX (1 DVD) - Rp.17.500
    6. Martin Pring : How to Profit From Sector Rotation Using ETFs - An Intermarket Analysis (3 DVD) - Rp. 52.500
    7. Lee Lowell : Naked Put Selling - Acquiring Blue Chip Stocks and Creating Cash Flow (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. Super Stocks, by Kenneth L. Fisher
    2. The Little Book of Emerging Markets : How to Make Money in The World's Fastest Growing Markets, by Mark Mobius
    3. Trading Options in Turbulent Markets : Master Uncertainty Through Active Volatility, by Larry Shover
    4. Visual Guide to Candlestick Charting, by Michael C. Thomsett
    5. Way of the Trade : Tactical Applications of Underground Trading Methods for Traders and Investors, by Jea Yu
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    DVD/Course :
    1. Freedom Forex Formula - Rp. 15.000
    2. Mark Deaton : Binary Options Genius - Rp. 15.000
    3. Chuck Hughes : The Weekly Options Advantage - Your Secret for Simple High-Profit Trades (4 DVD) - Rp. 70.000
    4. Chris Lori : Breaking Down Price Behavior in the FX Market (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    5. D.B. Vaello : Order Flow Analytics 5 Day Boot Camp (5 DVD) - Rp. 85.000
    6. Jake Bernstein : 100% Rule Based Trading - The Key to Success (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    7. John Person : Trading Market Reversals - Proven Seasonality and Pivot Trading Tactics (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. Algorithmic Trading & DMA : An Introduction to Direct Access Trading Strategies, by Barry Johnson
    2. Get Rich with Dividends : A Proven System for Earning Double Digit Returns, by Marc Lichtenfeld
    3. Taming the Money Sharks : 8 Super-Easy Stock Investment Maxims, by Philip Shu-Ying Cheng
    4. Trade Options Online, by George Fontanills
    5. Trading with Intermarket Analysis : A Visual Approach to Beating the Financial Markets Using Exchange Traded Funds, by John Murphy
    DVD/Course :
    1. Forex Rebellion - Rp. 15.000
    2. Carley Garner : An Investing Crash Course in Commodities - Rp. 15.000
    3. David Elliott : Moving Average Patterns (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    4. FXEvolve : Forex Trading Course 101 (5 DVD) - Rp. 85.000
    5. Gary Dayton : Mastering the Wyckoff Method - Simple Ways to Leverage Market Response (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    6. Investor Bussiness Daily : Chart School (3 DVD) - Rp. 52.500
    7. Marty Kearney : A Complete Guide to Covered Calls - Manage Risk, Optimize Returns (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. Investing with Intelligent ETFs : Strategies for Profiting from the New Breed of Securities, by Max Isaacman
    2. Kirkpatrick’s Investment and Trading Strategies : Tools and Techniques for Profitable Trend Following, by Charles Kirkpatrick
    3. Lessons from the Legends of Wall Street, by Nikki Ross
    4. Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard : How to Achieve Superperformance in Stocks in Any Market, by Mark Minervini
    5. Trading VIX Derivatives : Trading & Hedging Strategies Using VIX Futures, Options, and Exchange-Traded Notes, by Russell Rhoads
    DVD/Course :
    1. Forex Mentor : FXM TrendTrader - Rp. 20.000
    2. Doug Sutton : Technical Analysis Made Easy (2 DVD) - Rp. 35.000
    3. FXEvolve : Forex Trading Course 101 (5 DVD) - Rp. 85.000
    4. Jea Yu : Extreme Profit from Volatility - Exploiting High Frequency Trade Patterns (3 DVD) - Rp. 52.500
    5. Rob Roy : Power Channeling Using Options (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    6. Tom Dorsey : Point and Figure Charting (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1.Active Management : Profitable Strategies for Today’s Investment Climate, by Robert N. Stein
    2. Keene on the Market : Trade to Win Using Unusual Options Activity, Volatility & Earnings, by Andrew Keene
    3. Trade the Patterns : The Revolutionary Way of Trading the CCI, by Ken Wood
    4. Trading ETFs : Gaining An Edge with Technical Analysis, by Deron Wagner
    5. Winning Method of The Market Wizard, by Jack Schwager
    DVD/Course :
    1. Don Fishback : Proven Option Trades: Repeatable Profits From Tested Patterns (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    2. Doug Sutton : Sector Analysis Made Easy (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    3. Investor Bussiness Daily : Short Selling (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    4. James Dalton - Fields of Vision (4 DVD) - Rp.70.000
    5. Price Headley : Williams’ %R – The BigTrends Way (3 DVD) - Rp. 52.500
    6. Rob Booker : Trading Divergence the Simple Way (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    7. Steve Nison : Trade Management (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. C# for Financial Markets, by Daniel J. Duffy & Andrea Germani
    2. Fooling Some of the People All of the Time : A Long Short Story , by David Einhorn
    3. Insider Trading : Global Developments and Analysis, by Paul U. Ali, Greg N. Gregoriou
    4. Professional Automated Trading : Theory and Practice , by Eugene A. Durenard
    5. Trading the Measured Move : A Path to Trading Success in a World of Algos and High-Frequency Trading, by David M. Halsey
    DVD/Course :
    1. Chris Capre : Advanced Ichimoku Course - Rp. 15.000
    2. Andrew Menaker : Acting in Your Own Best Interest (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    3. Anne-Marie Baiynd : Using Pivot Points (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    4. Chris Verhaegh - Simple Option Trading Formula - Secret Pricing Formula for Doubling Your Money (1 DVD) - Rp.17.500
    5. Cameron Fous - Fous4x2 (7 DVD) - Rp. 120.000
    6. John Bollinger : A practical Introduction to Bollinger Bands 2013 (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    7. Ryan Litchfield : Checklist Trading (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. Following the Trend : Diversified Managed Futures Trading , by Andreas F. Clenow
    2. The Encyclopedia of Trading Strategies , by Jeffrey Owen Katz
    3. Trading STIR Futures : An Introduction to Short-Term Interest Rate Futures , by Stephen Aikin
    4. Trend Trading Indicators : Secrets to Predicting Market Direction , by John Person
    5. Understanding MACD - , by Gerald Appel & Edward Dobson
    DVD/Course :
    1. Forex Mentor : Advanced Forex Price Action - Rp. 20.000
    2. Andrew Menaker : Tools for Managing Fear and Greed - Gratitude and Humility (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    3. Chris Verhaegh : Profiting from Seemingly Worthless Options (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    4. John Bollinger : Bollinger on Bollinger Bands 2013 (7 DVD) - Rp.120.000
    5. Steve Nison : Beginning to Profit from Candlestick Charts (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    6. Tom DeMark : TD Analysis to Supercharge Your Trading Results (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500
    7. Toni Turner : Volume Signals Can Make You Money (1 DVD) - Rp. 17.500

    Ebooks (per title Rp. 5.000) :
    1. Clash of the Financial Pundits : How The Media Influences Your Investment Decisions For Better or Worse , by Joshua M. Brown & Jeff Macke
    2. Forex Price Action Scalping, by Bob Volman
    3. Getting Started in Chart Patterns - 2nd ed , by Thomas Bulkowski
    4. Market Sense and Non Sense : How The Market Really Work and How They Don't , by Jack D. Schwager
    5. No-Hype Options Trading : Myths, Realities, & Strategies That Really Work
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